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IMPORTANT! A few hints about requests and trades!


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In order to make it easier for you (and for others) to find and manage trades and requests please keep the following points in mind:

- Use prefixes: When starting a new thread, please select a prefix in the list next to the "Title:" textfield that matches your thread topic (or gets as close as possible if you offer more than one thing, for example both requests and trades). Users looking for art should also have a look at the "List of Request Accepting Artists" thread before opening a new request thread, and PM the artist of their choice.

- Add slots to your posts: In the initial post, add a number telling how many pics you wanna do at once. Please be realistic with the numbers, it's not going to help anybody if you add more slots than you can possibly chew at a time.

-Keep your descriptions pg-13: If you want a pic that contains mature/adult stuff please don't go into detail in your posts. Keep your description at a more generic level and tell the artist you request your ideas with a PM. For example, just say that you want a fetish m/f pic, and if the artist says that he might be interested, you tell him what exactly you have in mind in a private message. After all, it's your private stuff that shouldn't be discussed in a PUBLIC forum accessible by everyone. ;-)

That would be it for now. If you got any ideas and suggestions, don't hesitate and leave a note in here. I'll update this thread if necessary. Good luck with your requests and trades everyone!

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awww...my Random Request Thread isn't even mentioned....I thought it was a good idea, anyway.


I like to nuke ^^
Sorry, my bad. ;-)

@Shouden: I'll have a look at it in a moment.

EDIT: I looked at the random request thread, and I must say that I like it (it's similar to the 2draw the person above you"thread in the games forum). :3
You want it to be sticky? 8)
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