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Improve protection againt adult content for minors

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If the minor checks a box saying they are over 18, the legal responsibility lies with the minor. The website only ever got the information that the new user was over 18, so it's not their fault if the user turns out to have been lying.

Nah, the legal responsibility falls with the legal parent or guardian

There is a reason for the legal definition of minor.


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Force new users to be stuck with sfw.furaffinity.net for a few days?


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Well yeah, at least if they catch someone on falsyfing their age, they should ban the ip adress of this user or the account itself . Maybe it wouldnt stop them but THAT would be a good way I think to "warn" them about the consequences
We age-lock users that are found to be underage, but viewing adult material.
This means they can't access such material any more, until they can prove they're old enough.

Force new users to be stuck with sfw.furaffinity.net for a few days?
I think that's a bad idea. There are plenty of users that register just to watch some porn.
"I have to wait X days to view what <Friend X> linked me to? screw this site!"

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