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Improvement? Other Critique Forums?


New Member
So, after years of creating this account, I decided to actually use it to talk to other furries/artists.

I want to improve and that has been the focus of most of my drawings for the past year. While I realize that's not the healthiest thing in the world, it's still something that means a lot to me. Is this forum a good place to get art critique and are there other good forums to go to for that? I don't have many people in my personal life to talk to about my art and it's frustrating when I feel directionless down my path of improvement. I wish I was able to take private art lessons but I haven't been able to find a tutor in my area. I know drawing every day helps but that makes easy for me to just keep drawing the same way when I want to move on from my simple/cartoony style.

Any help is appreciated.
If you want to see my art, this is my furaffinity: Userpage of maylehh -- Fur Affinity [dot] net