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In a Parallel Universe...


Ope, 'Scuse Me
Rules are simple. Start your reply with "In a Parallel Universe" and follow it with a variation either small or big in contrast to the universe we currently occupy. Remember, parallel universes are theorized to be infinite so there are no limits!

I'll start!

In a parallel universe, brussels sprouts dont smell like feet


blue/teal bat thing.
In a parallel universe, everyone does nothing yet they still stand-


I'm a hot dog
In a parallel universe, @The Universe is parallel:p


Resident Stone Age Fox
In a parallel universe, the Ice Age never ended, resulting in the rise of Primitive anthros who live like wild hunter gatherers for all time.

In a parallel universe, technology is a myth and magic is reality

I believe there’s a quote for this: “Magic is just technology we don’t understand yet.”


aka Cutter Cat
In a parallel universe, everyone's social status is based upon the size of their canine teeth.:D


Professional Watermelon Farmer
In a parallel universe, foxes worship chickens, have pet bunny rabbits, observe a vegetarian diet, and live a life of celibacy....

But no matter how many universes there might be, something tells me this is never gonna happen :p


Woof? Woof
In a parallel universe there is no such thing as ice cream. And it makes me cry, thinking about it.