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In need of a referance sheet


The name does say it all really ;) umm check my sig and fa page for refs! Ty if you do this I will be greatly appreciative


Has magical powers.
Haha :] Yeah, it'd be no problem.
It'll be flat coloring though.

And I'm guessing the guy in your icon would be your character?
Anything other kind of details/markings I should know about?


Hmmm let's see

ya he's my char I got a pic in colour in my sig and not on my FA.
He's got the piercing in the on ear.
Ughh he's jacked (six PAC) if that's important or not I dunno bu he is.
He always wears the gloves wherever he goes
poop let's give him a scar alon on eye going from a bit of the forehead to a bit of the cheek.

Thanks and u hope this helps :D