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Request: In need of more art for my official fursona!

Blue Moon the Folf

Tsukuyomi Yuichi
Hello!! This is a simple request: I'm looking for more art of my official fursona, Kasumi. Below is her description and picture.

Kasumi is a 6'4 female Shiba Inu with cream colored fur, a purple underbelly, and purple paws. She is of a strong build, being lean and quite muscular with C cup breasts. She wears a black silk warrior's kimono that's open to show some bust, and has a large piece of cloth that wraps around the entire kimono, just below her bust that extends down to her waist, called an Okumi, and is kept tight by a golden belt wrapped around said Okumi. She has a string at the top of the kimono that helps keep it tight. She also wears a long, golden silk skirt, with wooden sandals and black bandages wrapped around her feet that end at the beginning of her thighs. She has a sheathed katana on her left hip, a long polearm that can both slash and stab called a Naginata on her back, and on her right hip she carries a sheathed Kaiken, which is a 10 inch long, double edged dagger.