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In rolls the Naebear! hear me roar!


JRPG Fanatic
Hello everyone, pleasure to meet all of you :D I'm a 23 year old man from the UK, Northwest England.
Discovered my love for the furry random at the tender age of 15 xD, loved it ever since I discovered it, my favourite animals are Bears, Wolves, Tigers and Dragons. Also thanks to the fandom I've been able to make so many friends, met the man who is now my boyfriend and has been for nearly half a year, the fandom really has done so much for me over the years.

I'm not the most social creature, don't go out much, if you asked me would I rather go drinking/clubbing or stay in and watch anime, play video games or read, skype BF all day, I would choose the latter :3 I do often get anxiety attacks In crowded situations, or panic attacks before I even head out somewhere due the apprehension of the unknown, so the internet really has been my haven, though I am slowly coming out of my shell more as time goes on.

Essentially my main loves and hobbies in life are
My BF or as he prefers when it comes to his fursona, My Wusky (Wolf/Husky hyrbid) / Pup xD
Video Games

I also enjoy writing stories, 90% of the time they feature beastmen types as the sole races in the world, and if humans are present they either went extinct far in the past or the beastmen are the result of "evolutionary" process etc, currently writing one now which is a Sword Art / Log Horizon inspired story, does borrow a few elements of course.

So you know, lifes simple pleasures ;) Anyway I'll say it again very nice to meet you all, I look forward to spending my time here.