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Hiring: In search of two SFW commissions (One w/ 2 wolves - $150 budget | one w/ 1 wolf - $75 budget)


Hey there! Thanks for checking in on my post. I hopped into this thread in search for an artist but then was quickly struck with the reality that there are way too many awesome artists in our fandom now that it's rather hard to pick. So I figure it would be easier for both parties if artists interested in taking on my commissions could post here instead. I'm looking for two SFW commissions A and B, the details of which I will outline below.
Commission A: Two wolf characters - $150 Budget - No time limit

This commission is going to be a good ol' cuddle shot in bed. One wolf (blue fur with black tattoo and hair) will be laying in bed propped up on a couple pillows, he will have an open book in one hand with his other hand on the back of the snuggle buddy next to him, and a warm smile on his face as he glances down at the other wolf. Said other wolf (3 shades of grey, slightly smaller than the blue wolf) will be snuggled up against the blue wolf, eyes shut, his head on the blue wolf's chest and his arm wrapped around the blue wolf in a hug of sorts. Neither of which should have a shirt on, and they can have their lower halves covered by the bed's blanket. A nightstand with a lamp turned on and a little stuffed wolf sitting on the bed nearby would also be nice touches if that's alright.
Commission B: One wolf character - $75 Limit - Needed by July 27th please

This one has a date when I need it by (mostly because it's a gift for a special friend's birthday), but said date is 25 days away for a lot of time. This is going to be a simple character shot (full body or waist up is up to the artist). It will be of a grey wolf dressed in a short sleeve hoodie along with a pair of bluetooth neckband headphones around his neck. Would like him working on a laptop since his job is based around IT stuff. The rest of the scene (pose, background etc) is up to the artist based on what they would like to draw.
I have references for all characters ready to share once we've agreed on the commission. Thank you so much for your time and if you're interested in taking one/both of these please let me know which commission (A and/or B) in your reply. Thanks again and have a wonderful day!


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Hello, I'm interest for Commission B and I like to working with you :)
There are a bit different price: waist-up $55 and fullbody $70

So here's my example of wolf based



More examples can be found on my Instagram and Deviantart
instagram.com/hynvaleism | deviantart.com/hynvale |

If you are interested in commissioning me you can contact me via:
-Furaffinity PM

Thank you ;)


Hello! Im Im interested in your commissions, please check my style:

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Fullbodies can go:
Line style: 40$
Lineless style: 50$
Kemono: 70$

Background is completely free!
Doesnr matter gow complicated^^


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I'm interested in working with you!

Here are examples of my work

and here are my prices and ways to contact me

Let me know if you have any questions!


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Hello! I am interested, I can do both A and B if you like, and here is my FA gallery at NeoCanis, note me on Furaffinity if you like what you see, looking forward to be working with you. : )


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Hi there, I am interested

See examples of my work, and rates.


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Hi! i'm interested to do your request A ! here some example of my art and price.

IF you need clarification, don't be afraid to ask :) I have a discord account if you want to contact me here.

Some example of my art:






Hi, I'm interested in working on Commission A! For a $150 budget I can create a lined and shaded piece (including the background).
I'll leave some examples of my work in the spoiler tag below, but if you'd like to see more, my FA gallery is here: Artwork Gallery for sketchrabbit -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Thank you for your time!


<<<(The two above examples are of my lined+shaded quality work)
(Examples below here are above the budget, (because they are either painted and/or have detailed backgrounds included) but are added because they are somewhat relevant and to show you my work/style)>>>






AKA cosmonautiks
Hello! I am interested in doing these for you.
  • I can do A for $64. Since I'm only drawing the upper half of these characters in detail, I'm regarding them both as half bodies in relation to my pricing. My full color half bodies go for $40 and addtional characters and a background would be 30% of that price for both, making it $64 ($40 base price + another character ($12) + a background ($12).
  • As far as B goes, I can do a half body for $40 or a full body for $50. A background would be +30% to the commission if you were interested in that. I can get this commission done easily before your friend's birthday.
I've included some examples below and more can be found at my gallery here. If you're interested in my work please send me a message. I currently have no one else in my queue so I can easily get a commission done for you within a few days to a week. I appreciate your time, thank you!



(the below commission is quite old, about two years, but I'm including it to show that i've done something similar to what you're wanting for your friend.)


Flee the bat
I'd be interested in working on either a or b if they're still open! I prefer contact over my email, so if you like my stuff shoot me a message :) here's some examples of my work, including full bg work.