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In the Need for Something Epic....=A= [Taking Requests]

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I did no such thing.

Please read the ENTIRE first post!
If you don't read it, don't be surprised if you're ignored.
Thanks. <3

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Anyway, I'm in a total creative slump right now, and I need one of those "takes a few days" art projects to get me going again.
So, here's what I'm asking from you:

--Post a request. I'll probably have to wait until I find one that it clicks in my head that I can do something with it, so don't feel insulted if I skip you over.

--I DO NOT want a request asking "draw me plz!" That doesn't help.

--I'm mostly looking for original characters I can do something with, UNLESS you can come up with a scenario of your avatar doing something. I don't want to do a sketch of just a stand-alone drawing. I NEED to do something with a COMPLETE background, an entire picture.

--YOU MAY tell me a scene, or just give me a character and leave it up for me to decide. If I have to think of something, though, I'd prefer if you gave me a bio so I can draw a picture that goes along with their personality.

--(This is a "NO DUH!" rule....) I WILL DRAW ANTHROS AND ANIMAL CHARACTERS! In fact, I love
drawing anthros and animal characters, much more than humans, so don't be afraid to give me something weird.

--I WILL NOT be drawing pr0n of any kind.

--If you have a song that emulates the feeling of the image you want me to draw, PLEASE POST THE TITLE/ARTIST! Music is wonderfully inspiring and if I find a song that inspires me, you'll get one kick-ass picture.

--Be respectful!

--If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

That's all I can think of that I need right now. If I think of something else, I'll add it.

Feel free to stick around or whatever, and to post MORE THAN ONE IDEA! ;O
Oh, and please don't complain about my guidelines, it's free art. D; <3


NOTE: If I don't draw your idea the first time around, don't get discouraged! More often than not I'll be coming back here for practice and ideas, so keep posting them! ^n^


You can either post your request or PM them, whichever is easier for you. Same goes with questions. :U


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I does what I says on the box.
Are we able to just list scenarios we'd like to see drawn?

I don't have any characters worth drawing, so maybe a scenario would be better.

I'd really like seeing a bunch of furries at a bar somewhere, completely smashed and talking about really random things (like why a penis is called a penis and not a 'fleshy tube thing')
K, mind doing mine? :D

Stain, bloody shirt, in a war zone, holding a Steyr AUG, running and shooting as bullets explode by. Desert theme, song, Slayer - Addict. Stain, a timber Wolf, has a bloody Metallica shirt, baggy jeans, red medium-long hair, and Adidas sneakers. Has a very calculating and unpredictable personality. He will kill to protect those in need, and very brave. A reference can be the 8-bit version? :D Also, his left eye is an amber color, and his right eye is a dark red color. Any other questions ask.


EDIT: Another song could be This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm on This Song - System of a Down (Not the song title or lyrics, just because the rhythm kicks serious ass.)
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Then I'm guessing you wouldn't mind doing a picture of Pyren's anthro form tripping over his footpaws while walking in the woods.
Here's a physical description.
Height: 4 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 90 lbs.
Appearance: In this form, he has short black hair that's a little messy. He wears a white shirt with a flame on it. He will not wear pants or shoes.(Naughty bits are hidden) His footpaws are larger than normal.

I hope this is acceptable.


Think you could try my character Tayce?
Species: cat
Eyes: Blue
Fur: Blue with a light blue patch on stomach and light blue "socks" on left arm and leg
Hair: Dark Blue, in a slanted bob style
I've got some ref. pics if you need them: http://pomegranate-neko.deviantart.c...Stars-88644303 , http://pomegranate-neko.deviantart.c...light-92177056

Could you do something, er...dark? Not some murder scene, but something eerie and kind of creepy? Sorry that's not a very good description...

Oh, and she does wear clothes sometimes. She likes dresses or skirts...maybe you could try some kind of dark lolita type of thing?

Thank you~


I did no such thing.
@Eye: Um, like, together like in a picture (Photograph style drawing, I mean)? And I don't know what you guys look like....is there a ref of your FA or something? (Though I think it's still down....)
Hrmm... another idea came to me as I was eating a corn dog...
How about Stain with an electric guitar (White Gibson X-plorer?) on a stage in an outdoor venue at dusk, with lasers, lights and fog everywhere, playing Jump in the Fire - Metallica. The angle is right at him with it pointing in a 45 degree angle upwards, Stain looking at it and grinning as he jams on. I'll post s'more details in a bit, gotta go for a while :)
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Mischievous Fox
Sent you a PM with description and idea n stuffs. ^^


I did no such thing.
Thanks guys! <3
I'm not sure which I'll do yet, but in the meantime I'll at least attempt to do sketches of people's characters at least. ^^-
Keyword: attempt. xD;
So I'll post the sketches I do if/when I get them done.


I did no such thing.
Then I'm guessing you wouldn't mind doing a picture of Pyren's anthro form tripping over his footpaws while walking in the woods.
Here's a physical description.
Height: 4 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 90 lbs.
Appearance: In this form, he has short black hair that's a little messy. He wears a white shirt with a flame on it. He will not wear pants or shoes.(Naughty bits are hidden) His footpaws are larger than normal.

I hope this is acceptable.

Atch, I just noticed....who's Pyren?
Like....species, fur patterns, ect. ^^;


Kitsune of the PC Master Race
By original characters, do you mean characters just now made up, or do you mean non-commercial characters? Or do you mean "anything but your fursona"? I wouldn't mind throwing a couple of concepts at you if you had the time to look into them.


I did no such thing.
By original characters, do you mean characters just now made up, or do you mean non-commercial characters? Or do you mean "anything but your fursona"? I wouldn't mind throwing a couple of concepts at you if you had the time to look into them.

Non-commercial. I don't mind doing commercial characters if you have a good scenario or whatnot, but I'd prefer OCs. Fursonas are a type of OC. XD

My rules aren't so much "rules" as a "preferred" list, like I'd rather do people following the criteria than people not, unless it's a really awesome idea that they came up with and I feel I can portray.

Hope that helps. ^^


How would you fancy a bounty hunter chasing down some, well, bounty?


It's my character, Nick Zieu's occupation, and gives plenty of leeway for an action scene. He works mostly with guns, because he's a great shot, but he isn't above using his energy ability when chasing someone down. The bounty is nonspecific: human, anthro of whichever species. It's not like there aren't plenty of types to hunt down, no?
I always imagine chase scenes like these happening in city alleyways, or an abandoned building, but I doubt there's much restriction there, either.

If the action-scene bit isn't your...uh, scene, how do you feel about rain? When not on the job, Nick's more than happy to leave his flat when a downpour starts. He just loves walking in the stuff. Hill, sidewalk, under a streetlight, crossing the road - anywhere the rain is.

Hopefully one of those grasps you, or you find someone else who can give you a good suggestion! I've been in a slight idea slump myself, so I understand. :/ Especially when people give lots of suggestions and none just...GRAB you.

Also, I don't know your taste in music, so I figured I'd suggest a few of my favorite inspirationals:

Hinder - Shoulda; Nothin' Good About Goodbye (my currents)
3 Doors Down - Train
Michael Buble - Lost
Saving Abel - Addicted
Anything by Dave Matthews Band
Thrice - Come All You Weary
Nickelback - Someday; If Everyone Cared; Far Away
Eddie Vedder - Hard Sun

Happy arting!
If you can, draw me a rooster who is a short-order cook. He wears jeans with a half-apron overlapping the pants. The shirt can be anything. You can draw him squinty-eyed and his trademark is a frying pan but both are not necessary.


Kitsune of the PC Master Race
Sure! I don't like working with commercial characters, either. Fanart is one thing, but some people like to make them their own, which is honestly kind of creepy in a way. XD

So that having been said:

Scenario RFX-α
Character: Anthonius Runeblaze
->Species: Red Fox
->Gender: Male
->Age: 20~21
->Height: 5'10"
->Build: Slender/Toned
->References: Here and Here
->Description: Standard red fox colouration, ears are same colour as body, hands and feet are black/dark brown. Wears a many-pocket tan jacket with sleeves rolled up just past the elbows, green shirt and green trousers, black shoes. Large tail, large ears, green eyes, hair (tufts) is same colour as body. Will wear black gloves into combat.
->Bio: Anthonius is a Major in a multinational arm of the military of a fictional world as a response to the rising threat of terrorism and organized crime. Working closely with local police forces, new laws enacted as a result of civil unrest have given this organization the authority and responsibility to authorize the use of military assets against terrorist organizations operating within its area of influence, in this case spanning eight cities near the Eastern coast of his home country. Though young, his life has been dedicated to his pursuit of a military career, and his skill has been honed over the years in a variety of small arms and military vehicles, including limited aerial combat training. In light of his accomplishments, he was given a two-rank promotion to Colonel along with command of the base controlling the eight-city area, the task of keeping order in the chaos of the rise of organized crime and the ever-looming threat of global terrorism.

->Area: Desert Battlezone
->Conditions: Partly cloudy, heavy military operations versus a well-equipped enemy force. Mortar shells and rocket fire litter the terrain as fighter jets circle like vultures high above, striking targets as they appear. Tracers whip by left and right as steel rain falls from the hills, pelting the ground all around.
->Action: Charging into open battle carrying an M4 Carbine and with a column of Leopard 2 battle tanks rolling with him, A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft rushing overhead
->Music: Machinae Supremacy - Return to Snake Mountain

Scenario RFX-ß
Character: Karen Runeblaze
->Species: Kitsune (Red Fox colouration, 4 tails)
->Gender: Female
->Age: 20~21
->Height: 5'9"
->Build: Slender
->References: Here and Here (both have partial nudity). Also see avatar.
->Description: Long, brown hair extending to her tailbase, bangs parted down the center with a large thread hanging in front of the right side of her face. Ears are smaller than Anthonius' and same colour as her body. Has four large tails. Wears a brown leather overcoat, sky blue v-neck, blue jeans and medium gray sneakers. Hands and feet are black/dark brown. Eyes are emerald green, at times slightly luminescent.
-Bio: Karen Runeblaze, purported sister of Anthonius Runeblaze, is a kitsune who doesn't really know it. Much of her life has been spent being protected by Anthonius, who raised her on his own. Her emotional state of mind is extremely fragile, and she suffers greatly from a bipolar disorder which can result in uncontrollable outbursts of her innate kitsune abilities (namely control of fire), which she normally has no ability to conjure or control. She generally is nice enough, but can take certain things wholly the wrong way. She has an inexplicable attraction to Anthonius, which is in part caused by her true relationship with him, which neither is aware of.

->Area: A wooded area near a lake
->Conditions: Cloudy, sunset. Ripples gently cascade over the glassy water's surface as Karen dips her foot into it from a dock, staring off into the distance as she contemplates her situation in life. Alternatively, flare-up of emotion resulting in brilliant flaming wings to burst from her, draining her control over rational thought; The water parts around where she stands.
->Music: Ace Combat 6 - A Brand New Day
->Alternate Music: Machinae Supremacy - Machinae Prime

Scenario RFX-γ
Character: June Makineko
->Species: Kitsune (Silver colouration, 6 tails)
->Gender: Female
->Age: 623 (21~24)
->Height: 5'6"
->Build: Slim
->References: Here (only existing reference and it's incomplete and of low quality, sorry; A warning - Not specifically nudity, but super-tight revealing)
->Description: Medium gray colours, white belly, black ears, hands, feet and tailtips. Icy blue luminescent eyes. Wears an extremely conforming liquid-metal powered armour suit with a central luminescent cyan jewel at the neck, from which arrays of pathways flow, and which glow softly. Cyan hair extending to the neck. Short stature, but proportionately so. Black boots with navy blue soles. Formally wears a decorative jacket and hat, otherwise only the armour.
->Bio: June Makineko's storyline takes place a millennium after Karen and Anthonius'. Commander of the Terran destroyer starship Justice, her official rank is Commodore of the Terran Navy. While her duties during peacetime were solely the patrol of her home star system's borders, once the mirror universe was discovered and transversed, disastrous first contact with the species on the other end occurred and ended with the annihilation of the ship sent through the mirror. Further attempts to remedy the matter failed, and after recovering Terran technology, the other species began a wide-scale invasion, quickly overrunning remote outposts and going so far as to lay seige to and commence orbital bombardment of Terra itself before the Justice, with its complement of fighters and a small provisionary fleet led by Commodore June Makineko, pushed the invading forces back. Terra is currently at war with the other species as a result, and the existence of three universes beyond these mirrors has been confirmed - Terra's universe, Earth's universe, and Makai, the land of spirits and the resting place of the dead.

Situation: (random)
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Siamese, if you please.
I'll try my paws at this...

Song - Eagles - Waiting in the Weeds
Specifically the lines:
I've been biding time with crows and sparrows while peacocks prance and strut upon the stage.
If finding love is just a dance - Proximity and chance - you will excuse me if I skip the masquerade.

A Furry (Female Siamese prefered, but your choice) facing the viewer, standing amongst several crows and sparrows, who are looking up at a stage with a few peacocks "dancing" about.

The siamese, has a hand raised and is partially removing a mask (masquerade style) as he walks away from the gathering.

--the rest is up for artists interpretation..
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