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Incinerated or Frozen?


  • Burneeedd

    Votes: 17 31.5%
  • Frozen like Walt Disney

    Votes: 37 68.5%

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Converted into plasma. It's the hardcore version of combustion and not technically incineration because there is no burning.


In any case, with as many third degree burns as it sounds like he received, he would have died from dehydration, shock, blood loss, etc.

I don't think it was his entire body but he definately survived, they interviewed him on the show. Scared the hell out of me for a while. I can't remember what the documentary was called, I saw it about three or four years ago on the BBC.




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Preferably neither, but if those two are it... Incinerated, please. Hypothermia is an incredibly slow and painful way to go, far slower than combusting.

Plus, I still think the idea of my survivors having an urn that rattles (if the hardware in my arm survives) is teh win for them.


would depend I think. Burning alive would be very painful but I get the feeling freezeing to death would take a long time. I have a little bit of a fear of slow deaths like drownding were you can know longer breath but you have a minute or two to think about it.


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Ooh. I has a story!
One of my old high school teachers was in the army, and stationed in Alaska during the cold war. His commanding officer was patrolling in a jeep in below zero weather and decided to stop for a drink of whiskey. Now alcohol freezes at much lower temperatures, and is still liquid. He takes a drink from the bottle and dies from his internal organs being frozen.
hehehe. COLD war, Alaska, guy freezes to death.


In this one I say "lol what's that" and then have people get all angry.

I shall now adopt the personification of numerous persons in which to be defined as people with anger.

It's the largest nuclear warhead ever detonated. Thanks, Russia.


All cryonics labs have contracts that state you will be reanimated as soon as they can safely do so without causing you harm. If you were frozen with a terminal illness then you have two things to wait for. Also yeah it does cause damage to cells , but only when you heat back up. Like what happened to walt disney's head , he got frost bite in his brain.