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Infinity Complex


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I was looking through some Marvel stuff and I stumbled on the whole Infinity Gauntlet story. And now I can't stop thinking about the possibility of infinity. Long story short the gauntlet lets you do just about anything within the confines of the reality. You could do anything you could possibly think of in the universe. And then I wondered....I dared to wonder what I could do with that sort of power. And now my head won't stop hurting.

I mean, you could make everything perfect with that kind of power. And if it wasn't to your liking you could just start over. You could make everyone feel everything, know everything. I could show everyone everything. Do we even need people in the universe? What are we really in the grand scheme of things? What is the actual reason of existence? I think you could figure it out. You just look into every living thing, every point of time, place.....You could see how everything weaves and fits together, maybe. And you could build on that tapestry or improve it. I could remove all things wrong with life and make it perfect. Everything would be perfect...I think. Or maybe it can even surpass perfection. You can't exactly encase infinity. Everything would be constantly evolving. But then that would mean perfection isn't obtainable. If everything is infinite then is absolute perfection possible? An infinite amount of possibilities and outcomes and variations...

Is that arrogant? I don't want to control the universe, mind you. I just want to understand it and improve on that knowledge. Ever since my mind went to limbo it tries to make connections with everything. It hurts when it can't make connections. I get paralyzed with possibilities. It makes it hard to do things cause I can't keep up with all the variations. So many questions with so many answers. If I could control...see infinity then I could make the right decision. Each time we make decisions there are infinite outcomes and variations. I want to know every possible thing that could happen. Then I could make the best decision each time. I would understand everything. If I were infinite I could do that.

What would you do with the power of infinity? To do whatever it is that came to mind. You don't have to be limited to society, to Earth. Your thought and imagination would be limited only by the infinite reaches of the universe. Is that too much? Are we not meant to think about that sort of possibility? And why does it hurt to think about it?


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First I'm summon Stan Lee and punch him in the face as well as George Lucus.

Then I'm give myself Omniscience and be done, all knowing and all powerful then kill this universe as it
displeases me.

Nothing else, no creation or making the world bubbles and happy.

3 goals,

1: Punch Stan Lee
2: Punch George Lucus
3: Undo this universe


hai guiz wuts goin on in hur
Honestly I wouldn't know what to do with that much power. I would probably make some being which is far more intelligent than I am, and ask what they think lol. Or I would make myself intelligent enough to know the best course of action. I guess I can't say for sure what I would do, since at this time, I am unable to comprehend what I would do.
You're thinking to deep into it , just make yourself immortal and point at people you dislike causing them to explode violently


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To become Immortal and guide Humanity into perfection. Then the universe is mine. Slowly over time I'll lose my sanity and begin to convince myself that I am a God and play on said things and start influencing new up coming life on foreign worlds. Yes.


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4. Make universe full of furrys


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I would make the world perfect since perfect is subjective. In other words, I will make the world as I feel it should be so that I can reap maximum enjoyment from life. And I might become immortal but...immortality is a horrible curse. I might be a shapeshifter so I can know what it's like to have tits and a pussy and to change things up every now and then. One day I'm human, another day I'm some tentacle monster the japanese folks would have rape wet dreams over and they would pray that I would visit and rape them in their dreams.


I don't think it's possible to even imagine absolute perfection, because it seems with enough thought, some flaw will always show up. At least, a perfect world for everybody.
Lots of time can be wasted trying to fathom what that perfect world would be.

There's just too damned much diversity.