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Inhibitions on cursing

How often do you curse?

  • Never

    Votes: 3 4.1%
  • Only to myself

    Votes: 5 6.8%
  • Cautiously around friends

    Votes: 9 12.2%
  • Casually around friends

    Votes: 26 35.1%
  • Casually around less-known acquaintances

    Votes: 2 2.7%
  • Openly to anyone if I can't get in trouble

    Votes: 16 21.6%
  • Openly to anyone

    Votes: 13 17.6%

  • Total voters


*Crawls into traffic*
I love swearing too much, and I don't see why it's such an issue.. I'm generally the type who would tell someone off if they had a problem with it. I mean there's more important things to get upset about than freaking fancy descriptive words. I find swear words to be passionate and honest. If you avoid saying how you feel in order to not offend people then I'd really rather not be around you anyways. Just my opinion.


Thrashing About
I'm very introverted, so getting me to talk can take some time, let alone get me to curse. I'll use curse words sparingly when I'm genuinely frustrated or angry, but usually, I'm very tame with my words.

I used to be a hard ass when it came to cursing. I'd give my friends the stink eye whenever they talked crap in public, and even more so when they did it around kids or in my house around my family. I have loosened over the years, but I still feel it's not respectable to be cursing nonstop in public areas or when you're a guest in someone's home.


The Artist Formerly Known as Jesusfish
I believe cursing all the time is a sign of low intelligence. But I curse, literally.
I find wishing that a plague of locusts would consume someone's first born is far more satisfying that calling them a cunt or an asshole.

But, sometimes, I can't find any better words.
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*Crawls into traffic*
I believe cursing all the time is a sign of low intelligence. But I curse, literally.
I find wishing that a plague of locusts would consume someone's first born is far more satisfying that calling them a cunt or an asshole.

But, sometimes, I can't find any better words.
There's no word or words more satisfying than 'cunt'. :<


Oak's words echoed... There's a time and place for everything. If I need to remain professional, I be polite. Otherwise, its merely casual vocabulary.


Mourning Dove
Both of my parents swear liberally; my dad minds it a little more if I do it. I don't swear often.
When other people swear, it doesn't tend to bother me unless it's a slur. My close friends generally don't swear, though- in fact, if I'm aggravated and one slips out, they tend to question it.
I'm very, very, very outgoing. I find it's more fun to make up your own substitutes for swears. It amuses people as well. "Fraggledaggit frickfrack" is much more fun and socially appropriate to say than "fuck".
I curse inwardly at myself all the time. Self-esteem's a limited resource, guys.
The teachers do it often enough for me to say that it's not taboo.


Destroyer of Nazi Teddy Bears
I swear a lot. I'm able to turn it off while at work, but once I leave the building, no fucks are given.

I think my mom doens't like it, but at this point, everyone around me is mostly used to it.


I use cuss words n shit all the time. I don't give a fuck :V

Though, when I'm around people who are significantly older than me, I watch my mouth (unless I get hurt or scared, then it just kinda happens). I don't do it around my parents because they're pretty conservative and such and the last time I said a cuss word, i had to brush my teeth with handsoap on my tooth brush.

I don't do it at work because lol Christian organization thingy. Though in the break room, I say lots of naughty things (not limited to swearing).


Red Wolf Inquisitor
I've never been much of a swearer. I usually don't swear beyond muttering under my breath. When I do swear out loud it's usually in Spanish. I don't know why I'm more comfortable swearing in Spanish than English.

The worst my language ever got was when a dog ripped my face open several years ago. I did let out a string containing every bad word I knew at the time. That lasted all of thirty seconds.

Mr. Sparta

Scale Face
My debate coach drops f-bombs on occasion, but it's done beautifully.

Also it bothers me when people call it "cursing" or "cussing." I don't know why, but it reeks of juvenile.


That derp from faf
I don't that cures much I mean my parents don't care unless i'm around my sister then I get scolded. Other than that is you swear to much it loses all meaning, I have a friend who will shout out for no reason and its just annoying.

Shay Feral

Child of Babylon
I curse openly in public and around people who aren't offended by it. I try to show respect when I'm around people who I know aren't comfortable with foul language.
So I pose these questions:
-If you live under the same roof, what are your parents' attitudes towards cursing?
-Do your friends do it? Does it affect you?
-Would you describe yourself as timid or shy? Or quite open? Does this affect your cursing habits?
-If you don't do it socially, do you only tend to curse at yourself (say, if you hurt yourself)?
-At your school or workplace, will casual cursing land someone in trouble?


--Yes and no.
--I'm extremely reserved, but I curse often.
--I do it all the time.
--I don't know.

Also, I don't understand this stigma against 'swear words'. I also find it completely stupid when anyone considers excessive usage of swear words a clear indication of an individual's 'low intelligence', but I wasn't aware measuring human intelligence, of which is incredibly chaotic and poorly-understood as is, could be one by simply listening to someone rattling off a few 'bad words'.

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-My family cares about cursing but only because cursing is used when something horrible happened(like breaking a vase).
-I use it in a joking manner with my friends, I really have to think about cursing unless I'm playing StarCraft II competitively or I'm debating people on certain topics?
-I am very timid and again, people know that if I'm cursing, I'm joking around or something horrible happened. At work I'm known as the manager that hasn't cussed, even though I have once and everyone freaked out. It was hilarious.
-I curse at myself when I'm playing a game and I mess up something. I usually just say "that hurt", I even did that with a stick logged in my thumb and the person helping me said the s word for me.
-We have a phrase at work to say that there is a customer in the lobby because everyone swears. Every worker, every manager, every supervisor, everyone, but me and one another person :D

Catilda Lily

May all your bacon burn.
I don't cuss out loud, but I will write it. I really don't care if other people do it.


The Artist Formerly Known as Jesusfish
There's no word or words more satisfying than 'cunt'. :<
You of all people understand my take on that word, and what happens when it's used improperly. :3


Meat Popsicle
It's like a night and day thing. I swear like a sailor at school but I don't curse at all(unless under my breath)at home


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Dayum, these poll results are looking pretty interesting.
Might as well answer my own questions:

My parents don't mind me swearing in the house, since we always use it in light-hearted humour.
My friends do swear, but not often and always in a jokey manner. So I s'pose there's social influence there.
I'm not timid, but I do have inhibitions as all people should. I do try to avoid swearing if say, a schoolteacher is around to hear me say it.
At my school, being punished for bad language depends on the teacher. People swear loudly all the time in PE, for example. But yell it in a history classroom instead and it's a very different story.


Well-Known Member
I don't curse like a sailor but I will use words that are appropriate for the situation, and in my book there is no situation that rules out cursing.


I'm SeckZ and Frii
Swearing to me is just an increase and enhancement of my vocabulary lol, with friends I usually do curse, but to be honest I'm not a real fan of it, makes our conversations seem a bit impolite. but to f***king honest, using "f***king" gives power to sentence and excitement, it's a great of expressing sometimes. It doesn't bother me people swearing, but when they start cursing as a way to imply negativism, man you're just asking to get shit on.
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Batty Krueger

DJ Nailbunny
I curse up a storm around anyone. One time a lady asked us not to curse around her kids. I turned around and said "fuck your kids". Albeit I was inebriated, I probably would have done if sober.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Dino Therapist
I try not to curse too much around children, but there have been times when I've had to catch my tongue before it was too late, and times when I've said something really fucked up or risque, and have turned around to see a child, old lady, nun, or what have you.

Mainly, I have to be mindful about not making too-edgy quips and pop culture-y jokes around children, lest their parents not appreciate being asked who Ed Gein, Courtney Love, or Andy Dick is later. It's sad, really, because my sense of humor could serve to enrich and educate children, I think.