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well the title should be relatively self explanatory, but my stupidity always gets the best of me and i have sustained multiple injuries, and as sure that i am that such a thread exists such as this one, well, i haven't seen it yet. so alas the worse injury i have ever sustained was when i was stabbed... its a long story bit i have the scar above my belly button from a old knife, but what injuries have you sustained in the past or as of lately?


A teenie tiny puncture on the side of my foot was the most recent "injury" I had. It was caused by an exploding plate.

But my pants suffered worse. I was jumping off a wall, and I squatted really low on the landing. The whole inside of it was torn. Thank God my house was literally 12 ft away.


I get quite a lot of injuries, but all are minor. but once i hit my kneecaps really hard attempting parkour, causing me to get eaten by a tree. (Dont ask. Its difficult to explain). Then the same day, i stabbed myself in the foot from standing on a large thawn, causing it to go through my shoe into my foot.


My worst injurie was when i was in africa and kicked against a stone.The nail of my big toe fell off and it was so bad.So much blood.Then somebody cut with between my fingers with a scissor and hurt me.Again blood.And i also stepped on a very long needle that stucked in my foot.

And my lip explode because some dick of child shoot a ball in ma face.
I still hate volleyball


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I've had stitches on my forehead when I was 2 years old, sliced my leg open, and slided my heel open, too. Both needed quite a few stitches. Those are the ones I can remember that were pretty bad.


I am missing my right eye and a fair portion of said eye socket. Tragic car accident that also took one of my parents from me.


I am missing my right eye and a fair portion of said eye socket. Tragic car accident that also took one of my parents from me.

I'm really sorry to hear that. I can't even begin to imagine going through that kind of trauma.


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I am missing my right eye and a fair portion of said eye socket. Tragic car accident that also took one of my parents from me.

Wow I'm really sorry for your loss.

As for me, the worst thing i can think of...
Oh, I was born with my Skull closed, as babies are supposed to have a soft spot i didn't have one.
My brain couldn't grow, so the Doctors had to do surgery opening up my skull and placing silicon
spacers which are still there under the skin.

It was apparently one of the first procedures of that kind, and the first at that hospital.
I should totally be thankful and be racing through life with a passion.
Instead, I feel like i have no place in this world as i don't fit in anywhere really, kinda in here maybe.
But really, it's like life has no space for me since i was supposed to die.

Sorry for going on.


I'm really sorry to hear that. I can't even begin to imagine going through that kind of trauma.

Thanks, it is one of those things you never really get over, you just learn to live with the loss. I detest mirrors (do mental injuries count as injuries?) it will take me a very long time to become okay with my self image again, but I work at it every day. I have a more detailed post in the Homelessness thread in the stickies above this. I don't want to derail this thread and turn into one of those boohowoeismeattentionwhores. Suffice to say, I miss depth perception. Most of the time it is not a problem but every once in a while I won't be paying attention and miss/stub/trip something.


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When I was five, I ran into the corner of the wall. There is a scar above my left eye, with a small part in my eyebrow. There is also a scar on my left index finger from back in Scouts when I sliced it open with a pocketknife.


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I've had many minor injuries, none really worth mentioning because they are embarrassing. I do have a scar on my right arm that I got when my brother pushed me off a jungle gym at age 3. I had to get immediate surgery and the scar is the result of that surgery.


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Well lets see broke my right arm twice one hairline one clean ,sprained both my ankles, compound fractured my right one,broke my right leg lots of broken fingers had stitches multiple times on my head from falling furniture amd my litte bro throwing a wooden toy car at my head and more scrapes and bruises then I can count.


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Cut open my calf pretty good accidentally(Really sharp knife) Ripped open my hand down to the muscle (Street Hockey) Stepped on an anchor and tore up my heal (Sailing, and I thought a class while bleeding). 2-3 concussions, we arent quite sure (1 confirmed from playing ice hockey, 1 unconfirmed from ice hockey, 1 from sailing) Dislocated sholder (hockey) Dislocated wrist (sailing), broken teeth (sailing) Broken fingers (sailing) Broken foot (saling and hockey), badly twisted ankle (hockey, sailing, running) Horrible brusies (sailing, hardened steel winches hurt) and i think those are the major ones


I broke my arm once, it was both bones so I had to have a full cast. I was surprised it didn't hurt much. I fell of a bunkbed and went back to sleep. I didn't know it was broken until I tried to button my jeans and my arm didn't work.

I've had stitches in my arm after I cut it on an aquarium. Also I had a tumor taken out of my knee.

Once my brother burned a whole in my foot with a cutting torch while we were building some toolboxes. Ruined a good boot. Another time I face planted the asphalt when my brother forcibly removed me from a moving vehicle, and I hit my head in an accident bit thankfully it wasn't bad.

My favorite is when I cracked my skull open in a park when I was 12. I remember seeing stars (you really do see stars). Then apparently there was convulsions and vomiting, and lots of blood.


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Never really had any major accidents myself other than dislocating my shoulder after falling off my bike, my bike lands on top of me, I'm unable to get up right away, these two middle aged women walk past, they look down at me and glare and say "Hmph! another common urchin, come along Marjorie."

And I'm like, well aren't you two lovely, leaving an injured 8 year old on the pavement.

Though injuries my immediate family have sustained, well xD As we are all very accident prone

Mum trips in a graveyard and headbutts a Virgin Mary statuette / while cleaning up in the bathroom she cracks her head on the edge of a cabinet and falls into the bath.

Dad tries to change garden fence panels during gale force winds, he picks up the panel with both hands, the force of the winds is enough to lift him off his feet, he gets flung into the side of the conservatory.

Mum and Dad try to walk into the kitchen at the exact same time, they get stuck in the doorway. To say I died laughing on the floor upon seeing this is an understatement.

Oldest Brother decides to ride home from the pub completely drunk on a Bicycle while his friends walk some distance behind, he decides to take a short cut through woodland that goes downhill, he falls off his bike, rolls through brambles and poison ivy eventually walks in through the front door, stands there, puts his hand up to his face as if he's doing a Ninja pose, says Sensei and then collapses onto the floor, then his girlfriend comes along with tweezers and starts pulling hairs off his legs because why not.

Other brother fell off a slide when he was twelve, cracks his head on the stone pavement, goes into a coma for three days.
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I'm covered in scars due to years of childhood abuse of varying degrees. Several broken bones, including all the bones in my fingers and toes, that have at least given me some stories to tell every time I have to get x-rays. Ha, whatever.


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I have a knife wound, I guess. Other than that I'm just kinda lacquered with cool scars but nothing with a huge dramatic story attached.


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I have a small scar in the shape of a banana on one of my left fingers. I got it when I was heroicly cleaning a glass and never realised it was chipped.


I slipped in the shower, hit my head on the tiled wall and almost passed out.

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When I was five I tripped over and landed on a plastic beaker that cut through my lips, I still have quite an obvious white scar there today.

Apart from that I have quite a bit of scar tissue from when I've had boils and cysts surgically removed over the years, but so far I've been lucky enough to not break any bones, although I can't say the same for my brother who broke his collar bone and cracked his skull.
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Age of 13 I broke both the bones in my left arm from jumping off of the roof of my friends house onto a trampoline then landing on some concrete stairs near by.

Age of 16 I broke my right collar bone in a bad snowboarding whipeout.

Three years ago I was passing a pedestrian on the side walk with my bike when my front tire slipped of the edge of the curb, I wasn't wearing a helmet as I went over the handle bars with a heavy backpack smashing the right side of my head on the edge of the curb. I suffered a concussion and partially tore my right ear off of my head which had to be stitched back on. That incident taught me that helmets are important heh.