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(Commission) Selling: Ink Mythical Creatures Price: 15-20€

Ymir the Wyvern

New Member
Alright! I'm a German traditional ink drawing student who's currently saving up for some furniture and terrarium equipment for my lizards Silver and Delta~ I have a small DeviantArt account where you can see different examples of what I draw, though I'm usually best at reptiles like dragons, kobold etc. and some other mythical beings. Best at full black/white dragons ^^~ For some Examples:
Deviantart: PaladinYmir - Hobbyist, Traditional Artist | DeviantArt
Instagram Wyvern (@wyvernii) • Instagram photos and videos
Furaffinity: Userpage of YmirTheWyvern -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
I'm not yet 100% sure what to charge as I usually draw for myself, so the prices are negotiable; full body shots can be around 20Euros whereas Headshots are around 15. If this inky style appeals to you, why not message me in DMs ( Discord: Ymir/Wyvern#1828) ^^ I'm happy to answer questions, right now I have 2 slots open, will keep it updated~ For some direct examples:


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