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Inking option help...


The Black Unicorn
I am working on an image right now and have reached the stage where I would normally start inking it, but the figure is suppose to be delicate and light so I don't want to use strain black ink, no matter how thin the line.
I haven't used gray inks or really watered down India ink in ages and am wondering if anyone knows a better inking option than watered down India ink.

I am trying to capture the feel in 'Unicorn in Captivity' (link below) so black ink is again something I am trying to avoid.


She sells sanctuary
Maybe try matching colored inks to your planned coloration of the piece. I have a basic set of Winsor & Newton inks I picked up at the local art supply.


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Are you going to colour it as well? If so, ink with a colour slightly darker than what you will use, so that it won't stand out like black, but it'll still be somewhat noticeable.

If not, then a watered down india ink would do.