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(Commission) Selling: Inkk's Mecha & Monsters (and fursonas) one stop design shop ($5 - $150)


Mech engineer
Corvid's fantasy and scifi art shop

Commissions being accepted currently?: Yes


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Hello there!

I currently am in need of funds to help with university living costs, and have 4 slots open currently. I specialise in mecha, monsters and fursonas but I also draw D&D things, humans and pet portraits.

In my examples below I have two main illustration styles, my full render industry standard artwork, and the other style which has prominent lineart.

Full illustrations are professional industry standard artwork that achieve a 'lineless' look, and take a very long time to complete. The average time for one to be completed is a full month of non stop work which is why the price difference is so vast between them.



Prices are as follows:

  • Sketches: $5 - $17
  • Lineart: $18 - $30
  • Flat colour: $31 - $40
  • Shading: $41 - $55
  • Full render illustration: $56 - $150

Sketch pages are an option, and generally backgrounds are included in the price already. The lower price options are for simpler and less detailed pieces.

Things like cleaned up sketches with simple colours can be done too for cheaper prices, so if you want something don't be afraid to ask! I'm willing to negotiate on prices but be aware you need Paypal, and payments are taken before any work is done, or at the very least half of it.



I've provided examples of my work below:









Note! If you receive a piece from me, please try and leave a link somewhere, or mention who it was done by! It helps me a lot in getting future commissions and supporting myself. Thank you in advance!

Thanks for looking and have a lovely day! <3​