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Inks for just $5+!!!!

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Hey guys, just letting you know that I am currently accepting inking commissions. They currently range from $5 to about $15, depending on the level of detail. And they have a deadline of one month from the time I receive payment, or you get a full refund. So no long waiting, and no dropping off the face of the earth! You get a beautiful ink at an insanely cheap price.

Here's some $5 examples:



Here's some $10-$15 examples:



So if you are interested, please contact me right away! You can...
  • Reply to this thread here
  • IM me at Razing111Hell for AIM
  • E-mail me at erdraug86@yahoo.com
  • Comment on my forum at http://danale.com
  • Comment on my DA at http://evilinnocence.deviantart.com

I accept paypal via erdraug86@yahoo.com, and tips are always appreciated. Any questions or concerns, feel free to ask.

Thanks guys! I look forward to drawing for you.


*insert random cleverness* XD
I am looking to build a staff for various webcomic productions. Good inkers are hard to come by. Please consider joining a list of artists who may be called on when needs be. Deadlines may be an issue, but you won't have to accept work if you don't want to.
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