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Free Art: Inktober Freebies (Open)


I would like to draw some characters for Inktober cause it's fun. Just give me a ref, the branch the character fits in and their species. The only requirement is, that the character has to have a specific species otherwise it's first come first serves. It's up to me whether I draw a Head-Shot, a Fullbody or something in between. Write rabbit in your post to prove you read this, if you don't you will get ignored. If I don't finish the drawing on the assigned day, I will finish it in the rest of October or November. ^^

Tip: If you google your species the branch is on wikipedia under the point family.

Every picture will be posted on FA and Twitter.
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Aw, i have a shark, i cant join, can i?

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Is goat available?


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Would an Aardwolf be available? I believe they fall under the same class as Hyenas, but I'm not 100% sure. I imagine it's already been taken but it doesn't hurt to ask.


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Rabbit? For the equid category, I'd like to offer up my fursona.


Thanks for the opportunity!