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Inktober Special Sale - [4/31] Discounted Slots


always hungry
I know it's still September.
BUTT! I really want to fully accomplish Inktober this year so here's a list of promts I'll be doing for Oct. 2018


You can reserve a slot by
1. Choosing a Style:
A. Noir Icon (Inktober discount: $15 each)

B. Noir Portrait: "High Profile" or "In the Shadows"
(Inktober discount: $40 half body | $50 full body)



C. Ink Work
(Inktober discount: $30-$35 half body | $45-$55 full body)

> Add Character/Multiple Character Order ( Inktober Discount +50% of total price only)
> FREE backgrounds and props at my discretion
2. Comment / PM your preferred style, promt #, your idea with reference photos under spoilers
3. Read and abide my TOS
4. Pay a week before your turn (promt #) on October.
*For example, customers who choose promts 1-7 are due to pay on September 23-30 and so on.
*Failure of payment will forfeit your slot.
*You may pay earlier to suit your financial schedules/monthly budget
*Payment is via PAYPAL only.

Not interested? Want Colored Art? You can find my regular Commission Info here!
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always hungry
Slashed Prompts are Taken
  1. Poisonous
  2. Tranquil
  3. Roasted
  4. Spell
  5. Chicken
  6. Drooling
  7. Exhausted
  8. Star
  9. Precious
  10. Flowing
  11. Cruel
  12. Whale
  13. Guarded
  14. Clock
  15. Weak
  16. Angular
  17. Swollen
  18. Bottle
  19. Scorched
  20. Breakable
  21. Drain
  22. Expensive
  23. Muddy
  24. Chop
  25. Prickly
  26. Stretch
  27. Thunder
  28. Gift
  29. Double
  30. Jolt
  31. Slice
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