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Critique: input?


New Member
okay, so i really want to open commissions on the forum, but i'm not too certain whether or not people would be interested in my art or not u.u
i'd appreciate some input. i unfortunately only have three examples because i recently moved computers and couldn't transfer the files from my old one.

a mouse drawing, though i'm sure if i actually redrew it with a tablet it'd look better


an attempted at lined flat

and a cute little sketch i did earlier

honestly, i'll probably update the page later with more examples, but for now, this is all i have.


Woofer artiste
Imo overall it looks good, you got nice lineart and anatomy though to make it more interesting, perhaps consider using more different colors, shading and even more varied perspectives/angles and backgrounds. Also, consider narrative in your images. This could help raise the interest in your art even more

As for if ppl are interested or not, depends on what you find interesting to market to them. You have to find the kind of art that you wish to do or build a demand for a certain type of art. For example, with your sketch, it could work great as quick headshots, icons or drafts for refsheets or for working out designs of a character :3
It all comes down to what is the kind of art you wish to do and can you build a demand for it? Marketing is like half the thing to get successful commissionwork in a steady flow. What can you offer that noone else can? Or, are you specialized in a certain area that no one else is? The possibilities are endless so it´s up to you to find your niche. Good luck!^^