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Insects in your anthro world

Would you anthro world have insects?

  • Yes

    Votes: 9 64.3%
  • No

    Votes: 4 28.6%
  • Not sure

    Votes: 1 7.1%

  • Total voters


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If you would make your own anthro world, would insects be part of it? Do you think insect anthros bode well being in a world also being inhabited by mammal, reptile, amphibian, and bird anthros? How would the insects adapt compared to the other kinds of animals? Personally, I'm not sure about having insects in my anthro world, they usually look out of place compared to the other kinds of animals.


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Large insects are pretty top o' the food chain and would likely consume all the other races easily. Especially if they have sentience. And they don't necessarily have to look weird and out of place. The Turians from Mass Effect are quite charming.


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The one I did for my book did not. Bugs were bugs. The ugly shit that people eat from the sea (crabs, lobsters, etc) also stayed as normal ugly shit of the sea.


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I would most likely make them smaller than the rest of the creatures in my anthro world (like the "Beetles" in the movie Cars) and would probably portray their movement and hearing like those of the people in Epic, but instead making them anthro insects instead of humans.

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I don't have an anthro world, but if I did, I don't see why insects couldn't be there


Maybe they could be a sort of sub fandom like therians/otherkins?


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Garth has a good point, and that's exactly why I think insect traits would be potential characteristics for Chimaeras in my work-in-progress, Creature Corps. Giant insects, however, due to their anatomy could not be 1:1 proportional to their smaller counterparts as far as limb-to-torso ratio. Giant insects would have to be stockier, thereby slower, but would also essentially be sentient tanks of nature... and that's a scary thought.


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Chimera Ant...


That is all.


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Well i would like to bring my collection of 52 different species of invertebrate over with me to an anthro world, but as for anthro invertebrates themselves yeah they can be pretty awesome, look at the Collectors from Mass Effect or Fokken pworns from District 9.


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no. it most assuredly does not. i don't really like insect fursonas in general. My version of such a world wouldn't even have amphibian or aquatic anthros either. simply because they run into pretty basic problems such as not enough oxygen for giant/anthro insects. Also amphibian and aquatic anthros couldn't live on land, their skin would blister and would easily get bruised and infected.. i mean, can they even breath air? they would either have to be something like mermaids not having a language or any modern tools so they would be very primal and uneducated living deep in the oceans making them essentially irrelevant.

so yeah, no insects.