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Insecure with my "shadeless" art


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Hi all, I can't really do shades properly and I have been thinking of going shadeless.

It usually takes around 2h for me to shade (6 hours to line art and 2 to base color), when I am done with shading I just wish I was already drawing something else lol.

Are there "sucessfull" artist that do shadeless work? Is there any hope? Or should just stop everything I am doing and practice it until I can shadow poperly?

Thanks a lot for the feedback.

www.furaffinity.net: Bunny Girl OC by Jadoubs
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Just had a look at your gallery, and honestly I don't mind your shadeless version.

And there's plenty of artists that do flat colour artwork options.


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it can be tough to get the hang of shading, i myself dont feel super confident in my shading as well.

I've seen artists make the lineart part of the shading as well so there's plenty of different ways to draw

I think both of your pieces look really awesome, shading or no shading so i'd just keep practicing :>


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Lighting is complicated and there are so many styles to do it. I say just have fun practicing/exploring and don't be afraid to make mistakes.

But yes. There are A LOT of flat coloring artists that are successful.