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Insomniverse's Painted Commissions ($25- $90)


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Commission Rates

PAYPAL ONLY. Because of this, I will need your PayPal email in order to send an invoice.​

For additional examples, visit my Furaffinity profile


Character Bust: $25 - 45.00 USD

Half Body Commission: $35 - 55.00 USD

Full Body Reference Sheet: $50 - 90 USD

*prices fluctuate depending on any additional outfits and angles besides front/back and the char's default outfit.

**Price may fluctuate depending on complexity

***Prices are significantly lowered for sketch and flat color pieces


Terms of Service

•No refunds after I start painting. If you would like to cancel a commission, please let me know during the initial sketch stage.

•Absolutely everything on this page refers to digital goods. I will not be sending out physical items.

•I reserve the right to upload (with credit) the final result of any commissions I complete onto my social media accounts as a way to promote myself and my work.
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