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If you're interested, you can check out my FA gallery here!

Hey there! I just kinda wanted somewhere to dump all my recent digital art haha.

Here's a commission I did of this lil guy from Flight Rising! I did this piece while I was testing out Picarto last night. Thinking of doing another livestream later today, if I can find the time!

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My fursona :D

But please draw it as updated one {below}

I updated her hair color and eye color the rest is still the same.

What oc you want me to draw? :3


I have a couple of ocs you can choose from, but I still have to update their references haha. I'll try to have them up by tomorrow!
In the meantime, I'll start working on your oc!
Aw okay just tell me when you finished updating xD
I can try drawing without full references tho


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shading and proper shaping would be nice.

Ok well, the general rule of thumb when you begin a drawing is to break it down into basic shapes. This way, you can easily figure out where to place elements and you can figure out the dimensions.

There isn't really a wrong way to block shapes in? It's mostly just constant observation and fiddling with "straights vs curves." For practicing shape blocking, I'd suggest finding photos online and doing contour drawings on top of them so that you can get the hang of forms and shadows. I'd also practice by finding a photo and just using it as ref while doing a bunch of throwaway sketches of shape blocking.

As for shading, it kinda depends? I honestly have no idea how to explain shading lol. Shading relies purely on knowing the structures and shapes of an object, so maybe start there? Just keep in mind the shapes you blocked in for your sketch, and think about how the lighting would effect each individual shape.

I know that doesn't help all too much, so here's a couple videos/tutorials that helped me:

-original.livestream.com: General Painting Process
-insomniverse.deviantart.com: Value Distribution 1

(The videos are really long sorry bout that)
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