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Not what your thinking but here's my catch.

Have any of you ran into someone who you thought was someone else, say a noticeable artist with a character or a style, but turns out they where someone who had heavily based their character off someone else and while not being the person you thought them to be they still fooled you and came off as a bit creepy to a sad story?

A case that comes to mind with ease is some guy that copied a strange and almost comic but not to comical stylized blue pale hedgehog hybrid. Having though I was talking to a well know artist I quickly found out many things where giving off some warning signs and a lot of things in their gallery didn't add up.

Plot twist was for that he told me he wasn't the guy and the entire 90% design he copied and cloned into his own character was not only unjust morally but lacked any integrity for how the entire situation played.

Any of yall have something like this happen or am I the cursed one here?

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Sounds like an interesting situation. I think I'd probably message the actual artist that some guy was copying his shit. It's never happened to me but damn that would suck.


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It happens a loooot in the pony fandom...there’s a reason I spend a long time without watching anyone ever anymore.


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This happened to a friend of mine, but down to the characters name design and colours all being taken. It was a little hilarious in retrospect but he was pretty pissed. It was like night and day clone, not even different colours or different name spelling.


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Happened to me during Winter Olympics 2014.
I was painting a figure skater Michael Christian Martinez and was posting my WIP screenies on tumblr since some friends of mine wanted to learn the process.
Next thing I know some chick on instagram reposted my WIP and signed it with her signature. She was gaining followers by the minute cos of it! Jesus take the wheel!
After exposing her she continued to do it on 2 other accounts until I found her real name and put a blotter order to her local government.
Harsh? Nah.


There is a rather well known artist on FA known as Waitress or Hensa, she is known for making a lot of anthro bases that people use to make adopts amd references. She has a very unique style.

But so many people have copied her, especially on DeviantArt, I keep running into people who are very obviously trying to copy her style.

Also... Silverfox(numbers)' style has been copied a lot as well. There's about 3 or 4 artists who have that EXACT SAME "headshot paintings of toony foxes with big shiny eyes on a plain background" style, and I didnt even realize it was several different people.

This seems to happen a lot. In fact I think maybe most anthro artists are trying to rip off someone else's style in some way.