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Interest Check - Las Vegas Furry Convention Idea


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So I think we can all agree that Sin City Murr Con was a shameless disaster in its first year? I didn't attend but I've heard my fair share on what happened.

One of my parents happens to work at a hotel here in Las Vegas, NV. It's nothing too grand but for a small, first-time furcon I think it would be sufficient.

I'm not sure. I'm not very experienced with running larger-scale events, but I did witness a local 14 year old start up her own convention that ended up attracting over 1,000+ attendes, so hey, I guess anything can happen!

I'm curious if anyone would be interested in an all-ages, family-friendly Vegas furcon? Now the good thing about this is that it's in Vegas which, from what I've observed over the course of my life (I've lived here since day 1), everyone seems to, at the very least , like to visit this place. It's a fun place if you know what you're doing!

Would be your average furcon, maybe with a little theme and some stuff going for it. Panels, dance comp, fursuit parade (if possible!), art galleries, but hey, a furcon is a furcon so it's all in good fun if I'm thinking right! xp

Let me know what you think! I've had this in my mind for a while now.

(Once this plan is a little more planted in my mind, I'll start thinking about funds and cost to host the con since that is definitely something to consider! But for now I just want to seek out some opinions.)


Buh-bye forums.


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It's an idea, but like the other thread says, their do be concerns!

1. LOCATION: I'm sure The Strip and Downtown are a no go, so a smaller hotel and con center on the outskirts would be the only option!

2. SECURITY: Obviously, fursuit heads obscuring faces is an issue, so a place in the suburbs away from the casinos would be needed!

3. WEATHER: It should be in the Winter - Spring seasons, Jan - Apr, so it's at least a bit cooler!

4. SCHEDULE: U don't want 2 compete with other major cons, so a weekend without another big con happening would be ideal!

5. COST: Vegas is expensive 2 rent floor space in I assume, so I think you'd have a big upfront cost!

6. COMPETITION: If other events want the same space, I'm sure they'll be given priority!

7. HELP: I'm certain U can't or don't want 2 do everything yourself, so finding investors or a team 2 help plan, set, and run everything would be crucial!

I'm just speculating here, you'd need 2 look into these as potential hurdles!

If U can get it going, I'm sure it would generate a lotta interest though, so Good Luck!