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Interest Check/Suggestions- Art Book


Anti-Rape Boosh!
I'm... not quite sure where I would put this... This thread seemed to be the right place. If it's not, let me know.

So, I would absolutely -love- to be commissioned to do a sort of sketchbook commission... only.. with not sketches. Because my sketches are excrutiatingly painful to the eyes XD Except for traditional ones. Those are decent.

I think making an "art book" or maybe a binder of digital prints or traditional works (or both) would be pretty cool. I say this instead of just a regular old sketchbook because I know I would never be able to have a FULL sketchbook with COMPLETED sketches/works on each page. So rather than tearing out pages I don't approve of and selling a 45 page Sketchbook rather than a 60, I think a binder or something would be preferable..

Now, if I did offer this, I have no idea how big I would make it (how many "pages" would be available) as well as how I should discount this bulk order.

For those of you have done sketchbook commissions or maybe even something similair to what I would like to do, how much discount do you offer? Or do you even offer discount at all?

Any suggestions/feedback would be great. Thanks in advance!