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Interesting aspects about your characters


The Wild And Crazy Hybrid
What are some aspects (physical, mental, abilities, etc) of your character that thinks is different and unique?

For Ainoko one of his aspects is his armband, it is made from a sentient, living metal that bonds with the person for life. The metal is a beneficial parasite as it will let others know his general condition. Generally the metal is applied to those who have been sold into slavery.


She has a cawk and is a badass >:3

Seriously though, she has nothing special that I know of, I didn't put much into her being aside from personality being all that I envision myself to be if I were this that or the other. Her spots however are a bit unique? They have semi-circles around them dark than her fur color to stand out more. But she's pretty typical.


I am the Night
well I'm a dragon... BUT I'm super fluffy beyond belief and I'm a ghost as well.

My character, Venu, is usually in a solid state like anyone else for the most part to interact with people and what not, but she can become invisible or ethereal at will to avoid either getting hurt during a fight, or to run away... or even just to pull pranks on someone.

She is also a gender shifter (something I find more convenient and less awkward than being a hermaphrodite) and she can also change size at will. This comes from being a "genderless" ghost type entity.

She also has bandages on her paws that seal away all of her pent up negative and violent emotions, like pure hatred and depression, but when they come off her wings become floating bone, most of her fur falls off, her mane turns to blue and purple fire and her face essentially rips off to show exposed skull~

other than that she's an average Dragon.


The Wild And Crazy Hybrid
Another aspect about Ainoko is his weapon. IT is a 30" long dirk called Nightshade the Dragon Slayer. It is one of the few left in his universe after dragons destroyed the crystal is was forged from as the crystal itself was one element that could kill them. His dirk's age is unknown (believed to be at least 100,000 years old but not confirmed) being handed down from father to son. The dirk can enhance latent powers of it's owner four fold if the owner had any powers.

Xeras'na Bladewing

Guardian of the Twilight Realm
My sona was once a being of pure Twilight energy, but took a physical form upon entering the physical plane, and as such, can manipulate any element around hem.

Hi is also a master shapeshifter, due to once being a being of energy, hi can even go down to mimicking someone's voice, and even having their memories.

Hi also is adept at telepathy, and often prefers to talk through it.

Hi is a male-based hermaphrodite in hes physical form, which means hi looks male but is a herm. However, hi is capable of gendershifting due to hes shapeshifting.

When hi harnesses an element, it appears as an aura of energy surrounding hem. The most commonly shown is Twilight energy, which appears as silver-colored energy. Through this, hi is also capable of manifesting anything hi might desire. Weapons are some of hes most often used manifestations.

Hi prefers blades over other types of weapons.
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He's 1/4 wallaby. :I

Also, shouldn't this be in the fursona subforum?


So much sparkledog/marysue in this thread. Seriously. I just don't even.

My fursona usually has a pencil in his pocket.

That can be dangerous if you carry it in your front pocket you know.

*nods sagely*

Also this thread belongs in the den methinks?


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So much sparkledog/marysue in this thread. Seriously. I just don't even.

Super powers and swords everywhere! It's not a fursona unless it's pumped full of OP'd badassery and orphaned!

Vae can beat Contra without the Konami Code.

Okay. This. This is WAY TOO MUCH mary-sue! :V


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None of my characters have any unique aspects, simply because all of my inspiration has always drawn from other sources. Everything we know is from each other.

That being said, I may have characters that others would find interesting. I also have characters most Furries would not like very much. Most of my characters are monsters, extra-planar, aliens, or metahumans.


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i know this if full of cliches but i'll put it up anyway

Scáth is (without going into his back story) part demon. this side of him surfaces when something makes him fall into a rage.

the fist sign of this happening is his eyes glowing red. as it progresses his body physically changes, the jaws lengthen and extra teeth grow from them, his fur (normally a dark grey) turns jet black, large bone spikes grow from his shoulder blades and spine, curved horns grow from behind his jaws and his eyes change again from glowing red to emitting a blinding white light.

so yeah a lot of cliches


I never really outlined my fursona because I embarrassingly keep injecting parts of him into my stories. Of course there's parts of me in my fursona which only makes it worse. There are a few... I guess out of the ordinary aspects about him though. He's a scrawny spotted hyena named Beamer and lives in the shifty parts of town. He's a functional user although that's where most of his disposable income goes. He's almost always wearing a mask of some sort and carries a sawed off piece of steel pipe with a "handle" wrapped in duct tape for a weapon since "it never runs out of ammo". That's about it for the interesting bits.


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Nothing special because most of my characters were formulated from pen and paper dice game RPGs like "World of Darkness", Wheel of time, "Mutants and masterminds", and "Dungeons and dragons". What would be considered "special" by furry terms would be "average light wielding joe blessed with immortality by a magcial artifact" or " average Fire wielding mage that can speak with dragons and conjure up very tasty scones" in another world. :V
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Otherwise, I haven't put too much thought into such things other than appearance.

Evan of Phrygia

He looks like an edgy mofo.

But he's not an edgy mofo. In fact he's shy as hell.

And his favourite setting is in orchestra's and concert settings.

sweet hard stereotype-breaker


The Wild And Crazy Hybrid
Another aspect of Ainoko is something that he is both proud of and ashamed of. You see due to his mixed heritage (father is a wolf and mother is a black cheetah) and by all rights should not even exist, Ainoko can be impregnated, yes he is ashamed that he is able to give birth to cubs, but at the same time he is proud after giving birth to his twins Puti and Obsidian.


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Zeke is a grumpy one thousand year old historian that has a weakness for old Jazz records. :V


"I say we forget this business and run."
They generally are made on the spot for some setting / game, thus wind up being one of the few people in a group who is an expendable lemming. Figure it's an interesting point since a lot of people become dangerously attached to their characters at times.

Similarly, I try to make sure that none of them are a "me" expy. If I want to make a "me" expy that's healthier, stronger, tougher, etcetera, I'm under no illusion that I couldn't just spend the same time building the character to such tiers of "awesome" to build myself up. Probably plays a bit into the above (If someone's PC is an Elvish them, they're obviously going to be more concerned for their continued existence / re-use), and why so few are recycled.


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My character is mary-sue to all hell. He's perfect in every way, has a very large penis, is well toned, and all the women love him.

Also, this should be in the Den, even if it could also be here because it's "off topic"

Tf'd Toucan

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Well my new character, Avalyn, is completely stereotyped of a tween girl. The toucan we have here acts innocent, only cares about how she looks (The colors of her beak, feathers) and doesn't pay to much attention to whats going on around her.


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Well, besides being a made up creature, the only ability he has is his speed, physically and mentally. he is a fast thinker and light on his feet. well... he also has a string of bad luck, and a bit accident prone. Besides that just your average shy stereotype.