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Interesting aspects about your characters


My character "Mutt" is a husky/coyote mix, and she is a bit of a glutton and not picky. In a pinch she'll eat carrion because like cheese, the stinker food is, the better it tastes.


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My fursona usually has a pencil in his pocket.

That's not a pencil! You're just happy to see me, aren't you. >:C

Tangentially related: I think it's relatively uncommon that my characters/fursonas(fursonai?) are amoral/nihilistic anti-heroes. Most furry characters I find are either average joes or some sort of hero. Most "villian" characters have to do with a fetish... which is kind of sad.

Mine though reside in that moral blind spot people have for characters like GTA protagonists and Hannibal Ecter, where it's OK to be completely amoral as long as you do it with enough class and enthusiasm (and towards 'good' characters that are cartoonish and unlikable) They depend on the conceit that, yes, they are bad, but they're more fun to watch than people who are good. Basically their philosophy.

The more I figure out the beliefs of some of my characters, the more they start looking like villains rather than heroes.


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The fact its a dragon... I guess? Its pretty much your prototypical scalesona.
If I had to make something up, he is the reincarnation of curt Cobain with a third nipple.


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My character is a hybrid snow leopard/ dragon taur. Only his mother was magic dragon so he only got half a magic chromosome. Yes, Magic chromosome, yay for terrible fantasy science!
The result was odd. The only magic ability he has is being immune being able have his body parts taken off and still function as if they were still attached and put back on easily. His head can be cut off and he'll be fine. He won't bleed at all, and he actually enjoys having body parts cut off and played with.


JB's a black wolf from the City of Brotherly Love, a pro athlete who likes the "Rocky" movies and cheesesteaks. He plays for a team in Wichita Falls but in the offseason he lives in Philadelphia. But what he takes the most pride in is the work of Philadelphia International Records- in another decade (the 1970's) he might have been a recording artist or instrumentalist there.



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My character has laser eyes. If he takes of his goggles, his eyes begin to uncontrollably shoot lasers.


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In this thread Ainoko ignores all replies to only talk about his character.

Also, I thought Ainoko was banned for the kiddie-porn thing?


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My character has laser eyes. If he takes of his goggles, his eyes begin to uncontrollably shoot lasers.

Holy Crap. Nice original idea there, CYCLOPS.


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My character is made out of puzzle pieces and sleeps in a puzzle-box. Now that the boring part is down, lets get to the interesting part! She has two eyes!


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None of my characters are "fursonas"

But they are usually depicted wearing recognizable clothing items. Even down to the shoe styles ('cause few people ever bother to draw them correctly--even manga artists fail at them while getting everything else blueprint-accurate).

Most pictures have them wearing at least one item directly referenced from a photograph (usually the shoes, if they are wearing them). In some cases, viewers have recognized something my characters are wearing, and comment accordingly (which is most of the reason I draw them like that).

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