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International Furry CS GO team buildup Idea, info and application

Raiyo Star Dusk

New Member
Hey everyone, I´ll had the Idea that I would like to build up an International Furry CS GO Team, with the goal to maybe play someday Professional .

About me:
Name: Kai`Raiyo Star Dusk`De Gregorio
Age: 18
Country: Germany
Hi Iplay CS GO since 2012 and played over 5100h now. Iplayed so far in the semi-Professional scene in Germany and International. I also played in 3 of the best organisations in Germany.
My Rolle is AWPer.

To the Team:
The Team I want to build up is now a Project, Ill want to present you all. Ill just saw that there is not a real Furry Team out there, who is playing on a good level, so I want to change that now with your help, building a Team that the Furry CS GO fans can be Proud of.

I will take care of sponsors and planing, but I need a co-leader too.

So now you can send me a application as a PM here, if you fulfill this points:

-the will to play maybe someday professional and try the best.
-should be 18+ years
-3000h ingame (when not you can apply too, we will se how good you are)
-ready to train like 3-5 days a week + play days (leauge and Tournaments)
-speak good english (the country doesnt matter, where you from) its International
-good equiptment

When youre apply, I will look and invite you on my TeamSpeak, so that we can talk and maybe after that I will invite you to some test games.

There is now no official name out for the team you can give some Ideas. Then we will see what it will be.

I wish you all good luck and stay awesome. Your Raiyo

P.S you can comment or send me a PM what you think about that Idea.