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[Interstellar Pilot] Bounty Hunter's log

Rap Daniel

Clever dino wizard boi
[Interstellar Pilot is a mobile game where you can do basically anything inside a starship, including mining, trading, plundering, salvaging, and more! I play as a bounty hunter. This thread will log my accomplishments!]

Today, I returned victorious against a rather large transport, the Hauler-M, and received his bounty of over 10,000 credits. The Little Reaper, my Hornet-X fighter did well. Mind you, the Hauler-M is rigged for mining, not combat. My greatest combat victory today was against a Flyer-A, the most advanced fighter without cloaking technology. I invented a new combat maneuver today, the Scythe Maneuver. First, I approach a slow-moving ship from behind at high speed. Then, I swing around the front and drop a Mk II mine right in front of it. A few seconds later, the mine explodes. It's almost a guaranteed hit, and it packs a punch!

Kit H. Ruppell

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I just installed it out of curiosity. May check it out tomorrow.


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Sounds a little like the mobile version of X-universe games or Elite Dangerous