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Introduce your Fursona!!!


Rocket to your face.
Name: Xiath

Age: 16
Species: Foxote (fox/coyote)

Personality: Normally friendly and random, just goofy at times. He can turn evil and want to kill every thing in sight, or a religious freak type person, or, just plain retarded. That is due to having multiple beings within him and not a mental disorder.

Height: Six feet, two inches.

Build: Nothing special. Average build.

Fur color (Note: I am constantly changing his fur color and pattern until I feel that it is perfect so it is subject to change [again...].) : His sides of his torso and around to the sides of his back, and is shoulders and back of his neck are a light brown/ tan color. His middle back from a few inches under the base of his neck down is an orangeish color. Off white for the front of is torso and the front of his neck and base of his face. Forearms are black. Hair color is brown, normally with a green strip of hair. Ears are the same light brown/tan of his sides but the left ear is tipped in red, the right with light blue. His tail is orange along the top, tan on the bottom, and white on the tip.

Eye color: His left eye is a reddish brown and his right eye is blue.

Fears: Spiders...

Likes: music, goofing off, eating, Glowstringing

Dislikes: Elitists, rap music,

Background/ History: I plan on making my fursona the main character of a story. I am just too lazy to get started on it but plan on doing it eventually. So if you want his history, you will just have to wait until I stop being lazy and make that story.


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Name: Serph Bravin
Age: eternal
Sex: male
Species: dragon-human hybrid
Height: 2m21
Weight: 0
hair and fur: blue scales on legs, forearms an wings/tail. long white hair.
Markings: vertical scale stripes on cheeks
eye color: violet (cat slits)
Other features: horns, pointed ears, carnivore teeth
Behavior and Personality: calm, logical, violent
Skills: can summon the Endless and true dragons
Weaknesses: none
Likes: life.
Dislikes: destroyers of life
History: was summoned in an attempt for the greedy to get more power
Clothing/Personal Style: only wears a pair of shredded shorts
Goal:to purify worlds of their destroyers
Profession: Purifier of worlds
Personal quote: humanity has had its chance to repair the damage it did. now, i must purify this world of its killer.

join me and you shall be saved from my slaughter. oppose me, and you shall be devoured.


Name: Pips
Occupation: Agent of the B.P.R.D
Likes: Climbing, swimming in Abe's tank, reading, singing, dancing, writing....
Dislikes: Tom Manning, rap, too much heat....
Pet peeves: When Abe reads her mind without asking first
Species: Tigress
Personality: Fun, bubbly, intelligent, warm, strong
Weakness: Nightmares
Strengths: Has Hellboy for an quasi-adoptive father, agility, intelligence
Bio: Being written at the moment


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Name: Nicias
Age: Immortal. Appears and acts 18.
Species: Otter
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 73 kg
Hair: Think Riku, but dark brown.
Other features: Black archangel wings
Build: Slender with evidence of a little muscle.
Occupation: Fired from supermarket after being caught having sex with another employee in the toilets.
Likes: Gaming, flying, music, socialising in any way, shape or form
Dislikes: Too much heat, being alone
Markings: Two overlapping triangles pointing downward burnt into his left cheek
Personality: Usually fun loving, relaxed, a little vague, a little naive. Occasionally flips to an almost completely different side of him which is introverted, quiet, doesn't like being around people and is quite cruel.
Skills: Supernatural speed and agility. Can indeed dodge bullets. Only ranged attack is using his swords to rend and tear the air.
Clothing (when he's wearing any ;D): Black hoodie with jeans.
Weaknesses: Isn't overly strong. His combat prowess depends entirely on speed. Also cannot punch very well AT ALL. Can kick, though.
History: Simultaneously condemned and blessed. Now walks the thin line between darkness and light.


well I have three of them, one was thought up with a friend of mine, so this is Althea:

This is Skittles:

Name: Alaundra AKA SKittles
Occupation: Barmaid
Likes: mysteries, paranormal activities, dance music and black metal, learning martial arts.
Dislikes: chronic liars, cheaters, drunk people, drug addicts.
Pet peeves: people who yank on her tail to get her attention
Species: grey tabby cat
Personality: kind, funny, serious when she needs to be, helpful and loyal to a fault.
Weakness: children (she loves children and hates to see them in trouble), arachnophobia, cannot hold her alcohol and gets drunk easily.
Strengths: knows martial arts and can fight if threatened, knows how to bluff and talk to people.
Bio: to come

and This is Amarilys:

Name: Morgana Leandra Amarylis
Occupation: Assassin
Likes: men, women, drinking, rodents of all sorts, shiny things, weapons
Dislikes: bothersome people, liars, people who are arrogant and self centered
Pet peeves: Arrogant,self centered egoistical bastards,she wishes she could all hurt them pretty good.
Species: Dragon/High Elf Hybrid
Personality: sweet and caring, she hides her emotions under a face mask,not letting anything through that could get her or her friends killed. She does everything in a precise order also.
Weakness: she places the needs of others before hers
Strengths: can kill without regrets and is stealthy
Bio: to come


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I'm new at this, so I thought I'd introduce myself
Name: Allard
Species: Dog
Breed: Chocolate Lab
Appearance: Brown fur, with a reddish brown goatee, and his tail has a reddish brown tip. He's of average build, but with a lil' tummy
Occupation: Retail wage slave.
Personality: Bubbly, cute, sweet, outgoing, a little overemotional, creative.
Likes: music, movies, books, sexy mooses and horses.
Dislikes: Assholes, bad beer, improper grammar.

Grand Hatter

Mmm... Platonic. Sounds sexy!
Hey guys, my name is Lucca Marsh. I'm 18; that's right, I've just finished highschool and am about to start my first year of university. I'm a otter, and the first Marsh to be born in Australia, at least on our little neck of the family tree.

I guess my most obvious feature would be my mind. I'm a thinker; whether the field be writing, debating or general philosophising you can bet I'll be there. My mates say I think too much. Well - I'm the one who's going to do a Bachelor of Law at Queensland University of Technology, so I think I can be forgiven for thinking little a bit. Don't let that scare you, I'm really a nice guy, honest. A bit sarcastic sometimes, but let's just call that wit.

I'll try and be modest here, but my friends say I have a pretty nice body. I started an exercise routine mid year 12. Yeah you can see the results, I guess I just don't like talking about it, I'm pretty self conscious. You'll typically be seeing me in this, my blue silk overshirt, white undershirt and short denims, it's a look I adopted at schoolies this year. Man, I had a great time there, but that's another story.

You noticed my jade hoop huh? My mate bought it for me two years ago, do you like it? Oh, so that's what you mean. Not the best kept secret is it? Yeah, I'm gay, and happily so. I've been through most of the phases, I'd say. Be it denial, frustration, depression, regret and of course, acceptance. After finally taking a step back and looking at all the videos and magazines I had studied like assembly instructions from IKEA, I just said, "Lucca, you're gay." I'm currently looking, I just ended a relationship because the guy only wanted one thing. I'm not like that, you know? I'm looking for meaning in my relationship.

Well, that's me. But I'd love to learn about you, send me a PM some time and let's chat.


Name: Gotiki
Nickname(s): Goat, Goaty
Age: Same as me.
Personality/interests/everything: Same as me.
Eyes: Off-green, with horizontal goat pupils.
Fur: Light gray with brown markings.
Hair: Black or dark brown. Doesn't matter which.

Seriously, my fursona is really just, like, a different way to draw me. Um.


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Using OP's format

Name: Xenetian O'Connell
Occupation: Game Designer
Likes: Pizza, Video Games, Cake, ****ing ... ...
Dislikes: Death, ignorance, decaf coffee
Pet peeves: Ignorance.
Species: White Tiger
Personality: Cheerful and flirtatious
Weakness: Bitchy if cornered or insulted
Strengths: Fantastic problem-solving abilities.


Screw you guys and your bio forms. :mad:

('Cept you Lucca. You're cool.)

I'm Fu. I'm not usually this much of a knob, I just woke up. I'm female, 19, I have a rat and two gerbils (need another rat, she's all lonelylike). Technically I'm half domestic cat and half collie but no one actually notices the dog so I meow and look fluffy. My younger sister has something very close to chipmunk markings so I'm probably a complete species slut somewhere.

I tend to lapse into Estuary English or Pédénglish and I overuse brackets.

I should be somewhere. Oops.


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Okay, here's about us.

Name: Silvan Arown
Race: wolf
Appearance: grey fur with dark ears and copper tinted shortish hair. Big fluffy tail.
Orientation: Incredibly gay, but butch.

Warrior and swordsman, likes clubbing and is an accomplished magic user. I am the leader of my little pack, given the status by Arda Greymane who I meet when I was about 14. Now 21. Also likes fucking Kieran, playing the ocarina, boats, and hanging with a vast crowd of people who include those from heaven, hell and everywhere inbetween and all handily live in London.
I am a shinto follower, and, of course, I worshipper Luna.

and this is my soul mate and spirit guide:

Kieran Antoine Distan
Appears 19 and is in fact somewhat ancient.
Black panther, with long, long blue tinted hair and pale blue eyes.
Very, Very, VERY GAY

Likes being naked and having sex and fucking Silvan, and sometimes going out half dressed. Loves to hunt and fight and use magic in the most kinky ways. Hates the water.
He used to be a prince, and one time king of his people, and dislikes the fact that now most people cant even see him, let alone repect him for his wisdom. Knows quite a lot but pretends to be silly and stupid sometimes.
desires to have wings more than anything else in the entire cosmos.


Name- Kopaka Anubis Grimm
Species- Timber Wolf
Age- 28 years old
Height- 6 feet
Weight- 225 pounds
Gender- Male
Origin- Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Eye Color- Gold
Personality- Dark
Likes- Cars, weaponry, the sea, the stars, the desert/tundra, and being alone
Dislikes- Country music, people hurting his few friends, religion, loud noises, and vegetarians
Occupation- Rogue Agent, Mercenary, Ex-Special Forces Assassin

All other questions about him will be answered if asked.



Name: Drink/Rae
Sex: Male
Origin: American/Irish
Occupation: Starving Artist
Species: Cabbit
Personality: introverted, creative, sometimes a perve, but usually pretty ok with the world
Likes: Computer games, the show 'how its made', autopsy videos, violence
Dislikes: hot weather, conservatives, chick flicks
Music likes: rock, classical (especially organ/piano), techno/electronica
Music dislikes: too much drum, emo, indie, rap
Weapon of choice: USMC M40A3
Physical description: Short, maybe alittle soft but not fat, usually slouchy and laid back With neutral colored fur and red/auburn hair
Attire: Whatevers cheap, handme downs, goodwill bargains. I prefer loose fitting Comfortable clothes that dont restrict movement.
Strengths: Intelegent, good artist, good memory for facts and figures
Weakness: hates loud noises, heat, restrictive clothing, and dirt. Also a procrastinator


tyranid hunter
Name- Runner
Species- timber wolf
Gender- Male
Origin- ILL
Eye Color- Blue
Fur Color- blue
Occupation- Pilot, marks men
weapons- assault rifle, boltgun.
Armour- Artificer armour


Cars and Music!
Well here is mine. I hope its enough.

Name: Jack
Species: Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 15
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 150 pounds.
Appearance: Black with some white on chest and tail. Tail is of meduim length. Average build.
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Apperal: Mostly Wal-Mart clothes, hand me downs, freebies. Stuff that fits but is a bit bigger.
Occupation: unemployed at the moment.
Personality: Easy going, relaxed, hard worker, chilled out,
Likes: Music, cars, meeting new people, photography, drawing, video games, pizza, sports, movies and hanging with friends.
Dislikes: Snobby people, assholes, violence (unless needed) country music.
"other" things: has a bad anger issue.


is a Gunnery Sergeant now.
Name: Salem Raninkov
Species: Fox
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6'2
Weight: 180 lbs
Fur: mostly like a regular fox except it looks a lot darker than a regular fox the top half of his ears are black with a zig zag pattern and its the same with his arms and legs about a quarter of the lower part to the paw.
Eyes:the right is emerald green and the left is ruby red.
Clothing: Military uniforms, knee high russian boots, jeans, regular boots, camo hats and cowboy hats except brown and with flat sides, t shirts, custom collar, thick trench coats, and an assortment of belts.
Jobs: forklift driver/mechanic, Gunnery Sgt. in the U.S.M.C.
Personality: nice, very protective, easily spooked, fan of scary movies and Jay and Silent Bob.
Likes: his jobs and living space, his friends, his car, 70's and 80's rock also techno.
Dislikes: gangs and rap(EXCEPTION OF SNOOP DOGG) , douchebags, and those who cause harm to him or his friends, oh and terrorists.
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My Username is False
Name: Yoku
Age: 14 (although i'm 13)
Sex: male
Species: Phsycic Raccoon
Height: 4 ft. 5 in.
Weight: 90 lb.

- Hair and fur: Gray, Stripes are dark purple
- Markings: 2 tatoos on face.
- Eye color: Purple
- Other features: Quite skinny, only slightly buff
Behavior and Personality: Peaceful, kind, usually doesn't talk much if not with friends

Skills: Telepathy
Weaknesses: Uh...i'll get that later didn't think about that one

Likes: Books, Wilderness, friends,
Dislikes: Most Sports, people with a large ego.

History: I am writing a history on him now. i probably wouldn't post it though its more than 15 pages long so far.

Clothing/Personal Style: Usually wears baggy blue cargo pants and a purple T-shirt with thick stripes on the sleeves
Picture: My scanner does not work very sorry.

Goal: To live life to its fullest.
Profession: i've actually made a modern robin hood out of him (i love that movie) . He steals from rich people who can afford it and gives it to the ones who can't...lol
Personal quote: ...what?
Theme song: none
Birthdate: June 1st, 1994
Star sign: Gemini

Favorite food: Doesn't have one.
Favorite drink: Orange Juice
Favorite location: Anywhere with many trees
Favorite weather: Cloudy, but not raining
Favorite color: Purple and blue

Least liked food: Doesn't have one.
Least liked drink: Coke
Least liked location: Really busy cities
Least liked weather: Really rainy or really sunny

Favorite person: Thinks highly of everyone and doesn't have a favorite
Least liked person: there are people he thinks down on, mainly people with egos to large for their on sake.
Friends: Usually only two or three, doesn't like to have many friends
Relations: No huge ones
Enemies: None
Significant other: none

Thank you!
my fursona hasnt got a name yet, she is just known as 'that feline'

shes a kind of unknown species of lynx.

markings: sandy coloured fur with brown stripes along her spine, and spots near her limbs. One paw print marking near her crotch, dark brown fur on the back of her head and neck.

frame: slim with wide hips.

age: 21

This neko is quiet in nature and can appear unfriendly to strangers as she can find it hard to trust, however her closest furries are treasured deeply.

She is very fiesty in the bedroom, and likes a lot of playtime.

She doesnt wear clothes as she doesnt need to..her fur can cover most parts - unless there is a slight breeze.

This feline loves closeness, she has close loving relations to a husky.

Origin: found in the aztec regions.

Location: cosy apartment, unknown

food likes: cheese, olives, salami, cherry tomatoes
food dislikes: turkey, any kind of meat thats covered in gravy.



is a goat.
Name: Nedded
Species: Goat
Gender: Male
Age: Old enough

Nedded is a goat with an unhealthy relationship with tea and a plan to save the world.
That plan probably won't ever happen, though, due to a severe lack of focus skills. He's quick to stand up for his Goathood and exhibits a lot of natural goat behavior. For instance, he's quite a picky eater, likes climbing stuff (despite a fear of heights), and is a natural hit with the kids.


Weight:180 pds
LOVES Music(Of course),Technology,Video games,Nature(Of course),Art of Science,Art,Studying,Philosophy.


Inquisitor of the Radical Ordo
Name: Kingman Alphonso Highborn
Occupation: Inquisitor
LIkes: Vodka, Bacon, Heavy Metal, wearing flashy as hell clothing. And hot girls.
Dislikes: Vegetables, demons, country music, water, and spiders
Pet peeves: Combs breaking in his hair, raining when the weather man said it wouldn't.
Species: Black Cougar
Personality: Lazy, Commanding, Ego driven, Kind-hearted to women, show-off.
Weakness: Water, and Cat-nip
Strengths: A great fighter, and master of some pretty cool abilities. Such as his ghost cat summons, and anti-demonic skills.


Paladin in training
Name: Kyellan Prime
Occupation: Nomad
Likes: Nature, animals, orchestral music.
Dislikes: Ignorance, deception, people with short fuses.
Pet peeves: Messiness, pride.
Species: Wolf
Personality: Casual, good natured traveler.
Weakness: Can be overly compassionate.
Strengths: Has a strong sense of justice.

Bio: Abandoned as a child, he basically raised himself without help from anyone but the nature around him: giving him a soft spot for animals. His only known family is his brother, Millird Prime, who was raised separately. He travels the earth far and wide in search of a sign of his mother, Allura Prime, who is presumed deceased. He makes his living with odd jobs located wherever he decides to settle for some time. He has many unique skills, including the ability to transform into a primal, far more powerful form he refers to as his "other self." However, while in this form he expeiriences an incredible bloodlust, making him unable to control himself and bringing vast danger to all around him: friend or foe.("Was this why I was abandoned?" he often wonders.) Due to this, he will only transform into his "other self" when absolutely necsessary, and will often change back as soon as he can.
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I'm gonna use the greathuge format from here: http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=22847

Mostly because I'm lazy and it's already filled out. XD

Name: Unknown. Goes by 'Chex.' Yes, like the cereal.
Age: 21
Sex: Outwardly genderless
Species: Rennel (vulpes catta)
Height: 5'10''
Weight: Eh, average.

- Hair and fur: Spastically messy hair; never combs it. Fur is light gray with an odd blue sheen in the right light, and hair is the same color. Stripes are darker, nearly black with the same sort of sheen.
- Markings: White nose bridge and bellyfur. Fore- and hidpaws are darker gray, and stripey tail is of the same colors.
- Eye color: Bright blue
- Other features: Large ears, almost three times the size of a cat's, but the same sort of style, with large base tapering to point. Insides are pure white; back sides striped with two main colors, dark, light, dark. Tail is very long and flexible, but not prehensile. Plantigrade legs and large paws. Black pawpads and worn claws.

Behavior and Personality: Likes to coast through life, but takes action when necessary, preferring fun over work. Easily makes friends. Loves hanging out with people, even if it's just a lazy day with laptops and internet silly or video games. Thoroughly enjoys most kinds of tea, and adores croissants as a snack. Loves to go biking, and has a thing for motorcycles. Slightly over-obsessive about books. Horrible dancer.

Skills: Amature artist, novelist and comicker. Good with a tablet and laptop. Has an affinity for animals.
Weaknesses: Cute things, and being alone. Also not fond of being bored. Procrastinator.

Likes: Tea. Rainy days with blankets. Toe socks. Reasearching and taking notes (but only for interesting topics.) Computers and tablets. Motorcycles.
Dislikes: Alcohol, being alone, the dark. Being bored.

Clothing/Personal Style: Tends to dress on the frumpy side, because frumpy = warm. Seattlites need their warm. Prefers jeans and T-shirts with overshirts, or pinstripes if feeling classy. Always wears novelty socks, but never the same pattern on each paw. Always wears at least one necklace, and is usually also outfitted with a hoodie. And can't forget the wallet chain and keys on the belt loop. There's a raptor on that keychain.

Goal: Do a little bit of everything every day. Live without regret.
Profession: Fabric-Chopper at a craft store. Wears a green apron.
Personal quote: "Dude."
Theme song: Photograph, by Nickelback
Birthdate: January 10
Star sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit

Favorite food: Belgian waffles
Favorite drink: Coca-cola
Favorite location: Next to the tree at Christmas, when it's dark and the lights are on, and soft music plays in the background.
Favorite weather: Warm enough to go out without a coat, but cool enough not to sweat. Usually early Fall-type weather.
Favorite color: Blue

Least liked food: Peas, artichoke and asparagus
Least liked drink: Anything with alcohol.
Least liked location: Someplace lonely. Wherever there's no people.
Least liked weather: Hotter than the gates of hell summer.

Favorite person: Too many to count
Least liked person: Creepy stalkers, of which I've had a couple
Friends: Hexan Rydel, Ana Rydel. Rory Dunkirk. Several others.
Relations: A brother who prefers staying a resident caveman in the basement.
Enemies: None, at the moment.
Significant other: None, and apathetic toward looking
Orientation: Asexual bisexual