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Introducing new species...

Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
The Myruvanti!

Some information on the species:

*Lizard-like crystaloid creatures with tough armored shells.

*can reshape hands into other things.

*crystal can come in different colors based on personalities. Default is green.

*they can regenerate themselves by "devouring" hard substances such as crystals or rocks.

*their eyes can be different colors as well, default is red.

*they don't wear clothing due to the plating, at most they'll wear jewelry.

*aren't born from eggs or wombs but rather pods their crystal forms grow inside of till the pod opens. Plating barely visible to not there at all till they grow up.

*medium technology level. They have les tech than current day but not as little as cavemen. They generally do not need tools or weapons as their transforming hands can usually get the job done.

*while having majority less tech they are actually ahead in space travel- due to salvaging and recreating from a crashed ship early in civilization. They still aren't star trek or star wars level but they can get out there to mine material.

*have males and females, females have more feminin look but not much other distinguishing feature beside a smaller hood.

*takes a few years longer for kids to grow up however they live much longer lives than humans, thousands of years.

*due to their crystal nature they can survive in space, underwater, and in other harsh environments. They aren't naturally equipped for it however, and would need evolution to change them for ocean life for example, since they aren't amazing swimmers alone.

*their weight, excluding shell, is 3-4 g/cc. (Grams per cubic centimeter)

*are very soldier like and loyal, following orders easily and working like a well oiled machine.

*lives are determined by others and not themselves, as in- they do different things while growing up, try what they may like but ultimately elders/leaders will pick their role in life. If they feel it is wrong or they hate it they can go through a process to change it, though it is difficult and time consuming and many of these young adults don't do it.

*kid games include:
-soldier games
-basic sports
-strategy games and board/card style games
-hide and seek
-capture the flag
-and more.

*since they don't naturally have kids a couple must express interest and request kid(s) then may go to the pod caverns and select pod(s) to start forming a child from those.

You're also welcome to ask questions below!


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