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Introducing Rhiann!


Since I talk about her all the time I think it's time for a formal introduction.


(Art by xWolfieJoeyx on dA)

General Information

First Name: Rhiann
Surname: Ward
Nicknames: Rhi, Rhino
Gender: Female
Species: Cow
Birthday: July 15th
Age: 19
Sexual Orientation: Panromantic Demi-Bisexual

Physical Appearance

Skin Tone: Off-White w/ Tan Spots
Height: 5'7
Weight: 260 lbs
Hair Colour: Purple
Eye Colour: Light Blue
Body Shape: Chubby
Right Handed or Left Handed?: Left Handed
Tattoos: Purple Rose(Hip)
Piercing: Spikes(Nose), Gauges

General Attitude

Personality: Rhiann can be very loud and obnoxious on her good days. She has no care in the world about what people think of her, so she does what she wants. She can also be quiet, usually when she's at work or home curled up with a good book. She has a knack for knowing what will happen before it does. People call her psychic, but she doesn't like to claim it. She loves to eat, and most of the time you'll find her with a plate of food or some sort of snack. She is known to be very defensive of her loved ones and even strangers in certain situations. She loves the outdoors, playing sports,& anything that keeps her active.
Bad Habits: Laziness, Nail-Biting, & Procrastication
Strengths: Speed Reading, Quick Thinking, And Near Perfect Intuition
Weaknesses: Math,Decision Making, and Cooking
Likes: Video games, Art, Netflix, Blogging, Coffee, and Warm tea
Dislikes: Rain and storms(though she enjoys lightning), Homophobes, Horror movies, Violence, Religious extremists, and Extreme gore
Fears: Monophobia
Why?: Lonliness means time for overthinking.


Her Story: She grew up living in a mobile home with a mom she was super close to and a dad she didn't really talk to. She was definitely the most eccentric of their 9 children and as her dad had told her "the hardest to raise." She never fit in with the cool kids at school, though she always had her "clique" of weirdos by her side. She moved out of her parents house and into an apartment with her SO Dean so they could have more freedom

Birth town: Fayshire, VA
Current Life: Living in her apartment with Dean, life isn't easy, but it's do-able. She works the usual 9 to 5 at the Biergarten while Dean flips burgers for a well known fast food chain. Her days off are usually spent curled up under a tree or on the couch reading a book, and usually a date night with Dean. Not always perfect, but they make it work.

Occupation: Biergarten Waitress
Current Home: An apartment in Lunard, CA
Relationship Status: Engaged


Favorite Food: Pizza
Hated Food: BBQ
Favorite Colour: Purple
Hated Colour: Yellow
Favorite Drink: Pink Lemonade or Root Beer
Hated Drink: Ketchup?? I don't know...
Favorite Place: Library
Hated Place: The Mall
Favorite Music Genre: Metal
Hated Music Genre: Rap

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Thank you! :) I've actually put a lot of work into her. More than I have any other character I've created.
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