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Introduction of my Fursonality & Description of Suit


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Name: Moonman

Gender: M


Date of Birth: 04/11/2000

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Belief: Christian

Personality: High energy, social, friendly, cooperative, trusting, organized, focused, methodical, secure, art lover, open-minded.

Likes: MMO & Action Games, Biking, Pop-Rock & Country music, Lamb Chops

Dislikes: Rap music, Mockery, Eggplant, Gravy (Unless made by my grandmother), Yogurt, Oatmeal


Species: Umbreon – Shiny

Height: (Will fill in when the suit is made)

Weight: (Will fill in when the suit is made)

Eyes: Right-Angel Blue and Left-Midnight Purple

Fur: Eerie Black

Ears & Tail: Eerie Black fox ears (fluff fur in ears, thick at the bottom) & tail.

Markings: Angel Blue rings on the forehead, upper arm, upper legs, & around the middle of the ears and tail.

Wardrobe: Blue jeans/light brown cargo shorts (w hole for tail), Blue tank top w red highlights/Black t-shirt w shiny Umbreon picture on the front, hoodie w shiny Umbreon ring design (w holes for ears), Blue hiking boots.

Additional Details: Suit will be made using nylon w short fur sown in with human hands & feet w animalistic padding colored Baker-Miler Pink. Sheath (to make it anatomically correct) (Please don’t judge me, I am a male and I would like to be a male in the suit too, also keep in mind that the suit will be warren with cloths in public).


Level: 100


Ability: Synchronize & Inner Focus

Moves: Payback


Sunny Day

Hyper Beam

Z-Moves: Darkinium Z – Black Hole Eclipse

Firium Z – Inferno Overdrive

Normalium Z – Breakneck Blitz
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