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How much have you changed since your introduction thread on FAF?

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glowing objects! :D
how much have you changed since you made your introduction thread on FAF?

Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
Even in the close to a year I have been here... everything has changed. I was in a budding romance with a lass who now even her name makes me want to strangle cats with my bare hands while kicking infants, while at the same time wanting her back.


B is for Bull****
I didn't make one, I just started posting.


I never made an official introduction thread, while I did make a thread in the introduction subforum. Herein I make a distinction that the thread in question was three years late and not any introduction at all. Unfortunately, I also make the note that I'm too far gone.


Unprincipaly principled.
When I joined up I didn't really understand the unspoken rules of forums.......
part of me thinks I should have left, but there are some things (and people ;P) that tempt me to never leave.

Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
My hair's longer, does that count?
is Steel still at it? lol HAve not heard anything about the toy soldiers and the like in Years.


Soaked In Sin
I don't like the poll... The options seem too optimistic or something.

Also, I have, but I don't recognize it because I'm myself.

south syde dobe

4th Elite General
I ain't the person I was when I first joined


Admurrable Admurral
I have not changed at all. I am just cool enough to appear and be a cool n00b

south syde dobe

4th Elite General
I was nice but now I'm not so nice...gotta love the interwebs :3

south syde dobe

4th Elite General


Well-Known Member
More openly cynical... not afraid to shitpost every once in a while... and most of all, I'm no longer a wolf...

south syde dobe

4th Elite General
I used to be a noob, but now I don't over use emoticons on forums.

I just felt like doing that


New Member
Easog said:
Uh, hi there. I'm new, obviously. My account is about a day old, but I was creeping pages :shock: for about a week before I actually joined, and I really love some of the art on here. And the community seems really friendly, too. 2 people have given me watchbacks already.
So, anywayz, about me. I'm a guy. I'm Canadian guy. I'm 15. I don't really like to give out more personal info than that, cuz if word got out that I was on here, I'd have all sorts of problems in daily life. We can still be friends, I just wanna keep a low profile.
That being said, I'm not really much of an artist. I'm kinda into photography and writing, but I can't draw or paint to save my life. :sad: I'm getting a new camera soon, so then I can start submitting! Yayz, I can't wait!
I think that's pretty much it. sorry if I come across as long-winded lol

Dear. God.

Who is this faggot?

At least it's depressingly funny now, so it's awwwright.