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berries & cream

Howdy, everyone! My name is Sugar the Fennec Fox (just Sugar for short!) & I'm fairly new to these forums! I've already looked over the Forums General Rules, but if there's any additional advice you've got to share with a newbie, please feel free to do so!

I'm 20 years-old (turning 21 in May, woohoo!), & an art college student studying a 4-year degree in Liberal Arts/Animation. I'm quite new to being a furry in general, though I have always had a thing for anthropomorphic characters in cartoons & books & such. From what I've seen of the fandom so far, people are very friendly & welcoming! I hope to be so as well.

I am open for art commissions, & have a thread over on the Art Sale Forum that talks about prices & such! I'm also open for collabs & art trades! I just really want to get to know more people in the fandom, so that I can really get a feel for how things work.

You can find me on tumblr @strawberrymelt, on dA @flamingaro, or on fA @pupsicle-c !!

Thanks for reading, it's nice to meet you!

✧・Sugar the Fennec Fox・✧
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The Confused Little Fennec Fox
Nice to meet you, Sugar! My main is a fennec fox to! Her name is Maus! ^o^ If you'd like to chit chat, let me know!