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Sketchbook: Invert’s Art


Hi! I’m InvertSilhouette (on most platforms that allow all 16 characters) and I make art of animals and fancy patterns.

I’m not sure I want to post my sketch / WIP work to FA, so I’ll post it here (along with Twitter & Insta). If you want to follow just finished work, you can find it on FA here: Userpage of InvertSilhouette -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Enjoy! :D
I may upload some previous work later, but let’s start off with my current project - a 4 horsemen themed carousel horse set.

Warning for mild gore / skeletons




And still working on #4, will update with that soon!
And finally, the last of the traditional pre-sketches: Conquest! This one I’m a little hesitant on the pose, so I may make some changes as I work on these. (I’m hoping to get all of the horses done up as merch designs before Black Friday sales start. ;) )