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Invisible folders on SD cards


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I've been trying to transfer data from one SD card to another but the files I need to drag over are invisible. All cards are in the correct format. I even tested with a proved working card and the folders are also not showing on the comp. I tried using both a computer and laptop but the results are the same. The folder with the pictures shows up just fine but the other folders that contain 3DS game data just aren't there (the SD card acknowledges all the data being there). I'm not sure what to do and haven't found any help using google yet.I'm also having trouble transferring the picture data onto a new card as it keeps denying me. I've transferred between cards before but never had this problem. It's rather frustrating.


Nevermind, I found it. I had to use a different SD card reader. I guess the one I usually used just got messed up or something. Transferring data now. :3
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kinda late i know, but try and update your device drivers through your pc's manufacturer to prevent any future inconvenience...cheers.