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Invitational Comic Tournament (Starting soon!)


I waited a bit late to advertise here but EnterVoid is currently a day away from beginning their Invitational Tournament!

If you've ever been in an OCT, Void is basically a site for improving your artwork through comic battles, where you draw comics featuring your character and the character of your opponent and receive scores and critique from the community. Usually you would submit a character with a reference sheet, a bio, and a 2 to 4 page introductory comic for the people who run the site to appraise your current skill level. But because this is the Invitational, if you sign up in time you only need a reference sheet and bio! There's currently have 47 newcomers to the site signed up for the tournament, which is really great!

If you like drawing comics, I highly recommend joining. I've been on the site for a few years now and I've improved a ton since joining, and the community is super friendly.

Since this is a furry forum, I will mention though, you are expected to know how to draw humans as well since while there are plenty of furry characters, the majority are human and you must include your opponent's character in your comic.

If you're interested, take a look here: entervoid.com: THE VOID INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT 2016!

And even if you miss the Invitational, consider signing up anyway to battle at your leisure! Signups for the site itself are never closed, so you can join whenever you want. There's even a thread called The Incubator for getting critique and advice before submitting your first character so you can be sure you'll be approved. ❤