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The new Sora has come!
me on a Anime con and i think this pic couldnt be more perfect!


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definitely did not look at yiff last night.
Here's a pic of me cooking some sausage links. It's from a couple months ago but it's the only good one I could find right now. Enjoy ^-^


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Upload a file.

It's just below the text reply box on the right (if you're on mobile)

I'm very much not a selfie person, so there might be a dozen clear pictures of me in existence. :D


definitely did not look at yiff last night.
@connortheskunk you look like a friend of mine D: impressive >-< and he's furry too

Really? Can you upload a pic of him or link his profile?

I know a person IRL with the same name as me who is basically my Asian doppelgänger--what I would look like if I was born as an Asian.

Sometimes people say I look like young John Lennon. I can see the similarities but I don't think I look that similar to him


It's only bad juju because you haven't posted you IRL photo. :V

yeah and i'm not going to for multiple reasons mostly because there's pretty much none of me not at work and there's not any photos of me posted officially by Army just a couple youtube vids on their channel and one news story


you can have this video of us letting off a bit of steam at the end of the week on the way to my place
oh yeah before anyone complains to clarify we don't have that no open bottles in the car thing like in the states passengers can drink what ever they want here
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Professional Watermelon Farmer
Geez, I hardy ever have posted RL pics of me EVER, but why not?????

OK, here is me, in an old photo, first year of University! (I have long collected old/retro things...and turtles!)


OK, and then, in the present, sometime this year...

This is a reminder, not to drink too much, and go to an art museum! Taken at the Baltimore Museum of Art, top floor, by a statue by Louise Bourgeoisie, whom I like a great deal. Ah, well, but we had fun, and didn't touch the art, or make a lotta noise, so the security guards let us be a bit silly! After all...this IS ART!!!!

(Also, I am not sure why it looks like I am, er, excited...)