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It looks like a stick figure wearing sunglasses
I also cosplay in my spare time.
I present to you D.Va from Overwatch. GG!


Anxious Little Cat


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oh wow! you look like you guys are having a ton of fun!

Yeah it’s always fun! I like to do this once or twice a year every summer. It helps my employers also own the marina here and I get a discount on renting them.

All the way down there in Mississippi? I know I'd be itching to get off that open lake. JESUS is it hot down there!!
Satan probably took one look around and went back to hell to cool down

Yeah it’s hotter than hell here. Especially with the humidity. Was nice going to the shore and taking a dip for awhile as well.


It's always neat to put a face to people you've been 'seeing' around. Sorry there's not really any of me without snapchat filter.
No clue what else to say. You're literally goals lmao I'm ugly :p