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Iron Artist - $7 Coloured Sketches

I've gotten through enough of my sketches that I feel comfortable trying to do this.

100 slots, 20 at a time. Claim one in the comments.

Claims will be taken first come, first serve.

So, what exactly am I doing for this? Coloured Sketches, either digital or traditional. You can choose, or I can choose for you.


Slots are $7 each. You can claim as many as you want, but keep in mind that if you grab more than 2-3, you're likely to not get them all at once.

Typically, I do these things in the order that I get them, unless you grab a lot. Then, I'll likely go out of order just a little bit to keep myself fresh.

COMMENT HERE TO CLAIM YOUR SLOT. You can include your refs, but keep in mind that if there are a lot of people ahead of you, there's a very good chance that you may have to wait until the next round.

1. ZiggyDarkglow
2. ZiggyDarkglow
3. ZiggyDarkglow
4. ZiggyDarkglow
5. ZiggyDarkglow
6. mystkatodark
7. Kwikdog
8. Kwikdog
9. Kwikdog
10. Kwikdog
11. tabernak
12. tabernak
13. PirateSid