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Iron Artist Challenge


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I'm starting an iron artist challenge.

I'll be taking requests to fill the slots. Just link a ref to your character and a short description of what you want to see them doing. If i dont feel i can do your request i have the right to deny it. But i am willing to talk about maybe doing something else.

I can do nsfw if thats what you REALLY want.

Im not doing coloured drawings, only outlines.

I'll submit all finished pieces to my FA and you're free to download your request and re-upload or use however you'd like.


Slot 0: Nikki the Naga
Slot 1: Tera √
Slot 2: Cougar & Fox √
Slot 3: Ryouzen √
Slot 4: Kyo_Cheetah √
Slot 5: Strudel
Slot 6: Bodker
Slot 7: Raptor
Slot 8: Echo
Slot 9: Kodiak

EDIT: I think im just going to stop at ten.
Because for some reason not as many people want free art as i had originally thought.
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Tera Noctem

I would love if you would draw me,
She is a black fox. Her fur is seemingly etched with intricate patterns of electric blue. The fur of her underbelly and paws are pure white. She is slender and very lithe. Her hips are slim, with a very subtle girlish curve to them. At the rear her thick, bushy tail sways, very much resembling a paintbrush dipped in electric blue paint. Her breasts are small, a B cup at most. Her eyes are a bright and vibrant green, full of life and innocence. Her hair is black with natural blue tips, and often falls in front of her face. Her blue tipped ears poke through the mane of hair, but just barely. She is rarely seen without a smile on her face, and her smile is sweet and gentle.
I would love a picture of her cooking maybe? Or serving food?


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Reet Mazer
Nice to see somebody else attempting this, good luck to you! Your work looks good.

I've already added you to my list, as well. :3


I go bump in the night~

Would you like to do Strudel?


Galactic Overlord
I'll have to gather up reference material when I get home! I'm on my phone right now with only a few more minutes until work so I can't do it right now but your art looks very cute!


Grey Muzzle
My Ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15816266/

Anything in your style would be great :) Request only that it is something in line with soft cuddly character and he is an old greymuzzle burr so please keep that in mind.

Thank you