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Iron Artist Challenge


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Hey peeps Im gonna start off the new year doing the good ol Iron artist challenge. Here are the specs:

Time limit:
Starts January, Ends March.

Type of Art:
Fleshed out sketch.

Traditional. Pencil, Inks, and Copic Markers.

Single character drawings. Sfw and Nsfw. Simple background. Dominant colors: pink and black. (The character doesn't have to be pink and black, but when the drawing is made that will be the color scheme. No exceptions.)

++YOU can pick whether or not the drawing is safe for work. Nothing else. I get to pick what the character does and what the background is.

Money?: These are free.

Examples: N/A. My gallery is empty and these drawings will be the first things to fill it.

Other Rules:
- Image references only.

How to Apply:
Just comment here with image references and contact info so i can send you the final image when it's done.
Or you can note me on FA with your info: Userpage of Orisko -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

(I will send you a scanned or photographed image of the original drawing. I will not be sending out originals, so don't give me addresses or anything personal like that.)


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I love traditional artworks and I'd like to see Heller being drawn traditionally! Thank you very much for offering free sketches.

My fursona name is Heller and she is a demoness. She's usually not wearing clothes so let's go with tasteful nudity in pin-up style if you can.

Her references:
www.furaffinity.net: Heller has joined the meme by Demoness_Heller
www.furaffinity.net: Heller loves to drink coffee by Demoness_Heller

Best to contract me via FA note. I do have Discord account if you do have it.


You could try my OC Deathless (refs are linked via OC name)! I would prefer sfw but if you'd like to do something suggestive, you can shoot me a PM and I'll tell you any details needed (nothing fully nude is preferred)! You can send it to me via PMs here or just post it on this thread tagging me!
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That is really cool, I would love to apply, but I am really new. I don't have a true fursona yet besides the character I made with that furry maker game on here. If I send an image of that, would it be possible for you to create him in a new fantastic way with your style? Sorry if this is weird, and thank you :D


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This is all I really have. The one on the left if possible :D


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I'd love to join in!
Will notes my refs in the morninf


here why not give me a go


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