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is 2020 a time to "reset" for everyone else?


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EDiT : This isn't a "me" thread. it's a general question for the board.

i moved out of my "past life" and moved in with family and i'm turning over a new leaf. Before i even got around to informing my friends with my new contact into, i noticed that every other person i know personally and/or online has moved house, trashed their accounts and/or galleries and made new ones, dropped huge projects in favor of newer smaller ones, or in some other way decided to torch their previous progress and "reset" or "start over" or "relaunch" or (insert synonym here) their lives, online AND offline. it's like the whole world decided to drop their failed plans and start something new instead. Either in relation to money problems, job layoffs, life changes, deaths in the family or other covid related events, it seems like 2020 is no better a time than any to press the "reset" button and start over. Some people are waiting until 2021, but some of us can't wait 2 more months! i got an early start in August. in 2021, i'm getting my ass back in gear and starting over. NEW GAME PLUS!! 2020 has been my year to look back and get pissed; so now i plan on using that piss fuel to rocket myself into the future! My only problem is...figuring where the f*ck i'm gonna point this rocket.

...and how i'm gonna build it.​

...and of course what color i'm gonna paint it.​


Enough about me though! What about YOU fine furry people?

How have you gotten shafted by 2020 so far? (LOL) is 2020 or 2021 your time to "reset" as well? if so, why? How? What are you going to do differently once covid f*cks off? How many of you FAFers are still here? i see some skunks and some foxes i recognize, but there's quite a few new faces too.
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It’s an interesting thought! Both me and loads of my friends have moved to new places, and because of that we’ve all noticed that the local ikea has been understocked al year, so we’re clearly not the only ones doing big moves and changes! I got set back a lot with mental health stuff, but the move thankfully helped with keeping things fresh and interesting.


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We had a stay indoors order for a while, so I got a little chubbier.
The diet I had when I was out hiking all day was not conducive for healthy, stay indoors lifestyle. So I've had to really revamp my diet.

Other than that, I just keep trucking along. Jumping from one project to the next.


Hmm, sort of. I bought my own place this year and moved a few hours away from family and friends. It's definitely an improvement in my quality of life compared to being stuck in apartments, but it's a lot to take on and get used to. Things aren't happening as fast as I want them to, but at least they're finally happening at all. Mental health hasn't been great all year, but I think that's true of a good deal of people this year.


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Even without covid, something always happens and I have to force myself to adapt.

I've managed to land myself a job once again, but we'll see how well that goes. It's mandatory to wear masks here in CA but there are people that still don't or they don't use them properly. It's such a small town and the store I work at has a pharmacy in it. Here's hoping we all get lucky.


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I can't think of anything that change in my everyday life or that i changed anything this year at all.
Everything goes like it went last year, the year before, and for the last 7 years.
Nothing changes around me. And if i try to chage something it just casually doesn't work at all.

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2020 has been a very stressful year for me. So, no.

Sir Thaikard

2020 has done nothing but slow me down. It's been nothing but a game of trying to go faster and work around whatever obstacles it throws into my face.

Which isn't necessarily bad. Many things have grown and improved but it was out of necessity as opposed to want.

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Nah nah nah. It has ruined my plans but I've learned a different set of skills. All I want to do now is escape from the big city where everything is more expensive while the air is more polluted, everything is filthier and apartments are smaller with higher risks of having crappy upstairs neighbors. I hate it. Paradise is just past the corner. All I need is a little job in a small town and I'll be fine


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Maybe, in a sense. I've been slowly changing careers, lived in a big city for 12 years only to get back to my parents' in the country as the virus showed its first signs throughout the region, and I'm thinking of moving again when things get settled. Not sure where I'm going this time, but 2020 has definitely changed the game for me in many ways

I've always had a love/hate relationship with that city, though honestly, moving back and staying there is the last of my choices nowadays


For quite a lot of people, yes.
Personally, nothing much has changed except for now I'm in a trade school. But, that was already happening before the rona hit anyway.
I have also been working out more, but again that's just because I was already building up to it. If anything, this has actually made me feel less
likely to try and change and just sit at home all day like I did before.

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2020 has really just been a wake-up call to two things - my financial situation, and how detached I've become by living more than 30 miles from a city for almost my entire life. I admit I'm crazy enough to want to move closer - but only about halfway. I have flatly stated to anyone who tries to advise me that apartment life inside the city is an outright no-go - I'm imagining college dorm life at about quadruple volume.

Financially, I've been doing some stocking-up on things so I don't buy a whole lot next year. If I play my finances right and don't have any disasters, 2021 is my first serious chance to be debt-free. The REAL reset of my life occurs some time in 2022 or even 2023 - when I can afford a car of my own and finally have a house of my own.

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2020 Made me realize how much I hate people driving.
When lockdown came and not many people were driving, that was the absolute best thing, but then now everyone is back and "those" kind of drivers are back.

Otherwise, 2020 did nothing but deny me the possibility of starting my career so soon. So I'm kinda pissed about 2020 otherwise.
Fuck it, I'ma game dev in 2021 and rest of 2020 is for making more dumb prototypes for my CV.


I've barely been drinking this year either. Would rather take a nap than drink alone I suppose.


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I (like an enormous proportion of people in my country) lost my job, don't have an income anymore, I'm trying to find work, but as the world ends outside my door. It's proving difficult.


What DOES my username mean...?
I've probably been doing the cleanest living I've done in years.

Hardly any alcohol, half an hour of sit ups a day.

Save me.
i have a different kind of drinking problem. Since lockdown, my tea consumption has quadrupled, probably MORE. Last month i took a week long break from it and i felt sick. Withdrawal perhaps? Despite having more time to exercise, i've hardly done any but i still somehow dropped 10 pounds.
All I want to do now is escape from the big city where everything is more expensive while the air is more polluted
i moved from the city in August, past the burbs and out into the outskirts. The air outside smells SO much cleaner, but my allergies have been on the fritz since i'm surrounded by farms. Don't forget, there are tradeoffs for moving out here! Most of the stores are miles away and the ones that are walking distance have limited selection and the prices are higher. Rent may be higher in the city but the money you save on transportation and cheaper goods pays for the inconvenience in my opinion. Depends on the state though.
i never minded my noisy neighbors since i usually wear headphones and i lived on the top floor.
Oh, I have so much to say, but the only thing I can say is Yes.
I start a new life next year, I found a job, the first in my life and I'm going to move, in about six months I finish University (if I don't get out of the course due to problems due to quarantine). And, unfortunately, it turned out that no one keeps me at home now. I need to move forward, or I'll get bogged down and die of boredom.
I began to look at my life a little differently and now I'm looking for a new direction in life and creativity.


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I hadn't thought of it like a reset button, but yeah, a lot of positive mental changes for me this year. Although a lot of it has been more like laying the foundation, or building a new RPG character. I know what I want and even have some of my progress mapped out, but the real test will be going out and doing it. It'll probably be well into 2021 before I'm really reaping the benefits.