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I swear I'm nice! 8D
I have followed Rule 14 very well I think. :T

Alrighty, first thing's first, the username thing can be a bit confusing, so to make things easier on everyone, just call me JJ. :) Easy to remember, some might say it rolls off the tongue, and it's MUCH easier to spell! I've been on FurAffinity for a while, but only recently...ish have I began posting anything, and I haven't dared interact with the community for fear of breaking a rule or making a fool of myself (Which I know I will eventually)... buuut it's 3 AM, and quite frankly, all inhibitions have left me to be replaced with a tired sense of self-confidence so LET'S GO!

So, for introductions, I'm a writer and I'm starting to get into roleplaying, I'm not looking for sex, and I'm kinda working on building a world. (Check out my profile for more information! :D Who says I don't know how to shamelessly promote myself?) It will be full of different characters in case you get bored of talking to me!

I love listening to music (Just discovered the Downton Abbey soundtrack... I do not kid you when I say it's all I've been listening to for a little while...), reading, learning to draw, and just goofing around and being a dork. I mean, I dunno, what else do you want to know? Anywho, I'm really just hoping to make some friends and stuff so... yeh...
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Wait, there are rules to the internet? How come no one informed me of this?!?