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Is being furry like being in a cult?


I see some disturbing parallels and believe we should address this issue forthwith. What makes something a cult? Usually when it has a charismatic leader, secret languages, and encourages blind loyalty to the cause and leader.

We definitely have the secret language covered. “Feral,” “uwu,” “Owo,” and “yiff me daddy” are all rampant and can have 69 different meanings based on context.

Additionally we have our fearless leaders, umm, actually who’s the leader? Furries tend to organize into mini cults, with leaders on Line, Discord, and other sites all vying for the undying loyalty of fellow basement dwelling neckbeards!

Next, the cause, the cause of the anthro animal! Which only actually exists in some select films And media, the Buff anthro Wolf with awesome pecs and a suspiciously well defined nether region that somehow still keeps the “general audience” rating. Clearly He is the mascot and any opposition to him tends to lead to violent civil unrest such as name calling and keyboard smashing.


Queen of FaF. Empress of Fløøf.
Greetings! As one of the cult leaders and Queen of Fløøf. I would like to take a moment to address this attempt at trying to make furs seem like low grade supporters of half arsed, lousy basement dwellers.

We are trying to summon Cthulu for the greater old ones sake! Why?! Because why not.

Our language is based on the ancient ones methods of communication and is therefore incomplete and a little flawed. After all. "Yiff me daddy" has atleast 499 meanings depending on the context.

Thirdly. Anthro animals have been painted onto walls since you were a pelt wearing savage! (How could you?! That fur only wanted to be loved!)

Yours sincerely.

A Squirlf in a dress.

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I follow the Cult of the Party Parrot