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Is depression real?


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Short and simple, yes! You feel drained even tho you slept enough and ate well. Things and events neither make you happy, nor do they upset you. You do not care. You go through the motions. You have nothing to look forward to, and nothing to be scared of. There are different kinds of depression, but this is my definition.


Trust me... Depression is REAL. When I was 16, I was so depressed, that I couldn't even drag myself out of bed... :(

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Yes. It is not a sign of a lack of strength. Only a sign of a lack of serotonin and dopamine. This is a gross oversimplification, of course. But it is an ailment that can happen to literally anyone.

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Medicine helps, but it's only temporal.

Anyways, if you got enough cash to spend, visit a professional for the meds, do not stop at the counseling itself. Go on, and get the meds.

Counseling never helps, meds do. Take them regularly and keep taking it while following the instructions of the meds.

Once I forgot to take meds, and half past a day later, it's back to 'normal'. So, never forget to take them regularly...


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Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, etc. All of those things are real and if you think you have any of it go seek professional help and if you are prescribed meds take them. Also, any one telling you that taking meds makes you weak is a fool. You wouldn't tell a diabetic that taking insulin makes them weak, no?


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Well, I've been studying biopsychology, and can firmly say depression is about as real as you and I are. Depression isn't an option or a lifestyle choice. It's based on both genotype (DNA in the cells, chromosomal structure, etc) and phenotype (environmental factors such as home life, friends, and so on). As well as this, it could be cause by structural instabilities in the serotonin and the serotonin channels in the neurons in the brain. This explanation for depression basically says not enough serotonin is released/made because of a lack of a specific enzyme, and too much is taken back into the neuron. This causes a marked decrease in energy and overall happiness.

But it's just really hard to specify what causes depression as there are so many factors to impact on it, so trying to TL;DR it is like trying to calm down the excitement over discovering a new species, it's just impossible.


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Depression is very real, and so is anxiety.
I don't really see what else to say on the topic, I've experienced both.
This is a very old thread.
It appears even necromancers get depressed :y


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I was diagnosed in my early thirties but suffered many years before that.

Depression and anxiety are comorbid conditions of ADHD, which I also wasn't diagnosed with until adulthood. It's not something you can get out of just by "thinking happy thoughts" or realizing "other people have it worse." It doesn't help, and telling someone with depression those things is simply dismissing them.

When I was in my late twenties, I was raped by my ex-boyfriend because he thought that getting me pregnant would guarantee that I'd stay with him. He was emotionally abusive, manipulative and controlling and it took me a really long time to finally break away from that, and not without some of my own self-inflicted scars. Yes, this happened to me as an adult - it's not a "moody teenage phase."

Depression is not always the "moping around, sleeping all day" like they show in commercials. People with depression can be productive. . .they go to work, they pay their bills, they try to go through life as if things are okay. They may be funny and sweet and helpful to others. It's a mask, because a lot of the time they don't want anyone to know how horrible they feel. In my case. . .whenever I tried to open up about how I was feeling, I was shot down and dismissed. I literally had NO ONE to talk to.

Yes, I self harmed and have gone so far as to consider suicide.

It is not "fake."

It's not something people "make up to get attention." And you can't just "think happy thoughts" to make it go away. Some days are better than others, but it is ALWAYS there.


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Yes, it is a very serious illness. The biggest part of people think that it is not very dangerous, but based on personal experience, depression is a real thing and can destroy you from the inside.

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I think the bigger question is are lesbians real?

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I can certainly say that depression is real and fighting it can be very difficult. What’s worse, because of a heavy stigma attached to it, some people have to do it alone without any support or help whatsoever.


Let me see....I can speak from experience and other ways. Depression is truly a real thing, and it can affect people in a variety of ways. Their resistance is determined on their mental abilities, and with that, it is a true thing. Depression is like that invisible toxin you can't see, but can very well get. It's like a cloud, expect invisible to the naked eye. It can strike at any time, almost like the air you breathe. It affects people depending on the situation, or if it is merely a mood swing. That is depression in my context, and I can conform it is real. To battle it is hard, but if you know what's causing it, depression can end just as fast as it begun.


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Depression is real. To think otherwise is to be willfully ignorant of medical science.

I have to deal with this question all of the time regarding ADHD and it results in patients have negative health-outcomes due to misinformation from the general public.