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Is furry a thing you are secretive about?

How secretive are you about being a furry?

  • Everyone Knows

    Votes: 78 5.7%
  • Most people know

    Votes: 168 12.3%
  • Only family and friends

    Votes: 176 12.9%
  • You tell very few

    Votes: 571 41.8%
  • Only other furries know

    Votes: 584 42.7%

  • Total voters


Play from your ****ing HEART
I keep it a deep, dark secret because I'm embarrassed about being associated with most of the other people in the fandom


back'n up back'n up
If people ask I tell. I wear a tail everywhere so every now and then a person will mention it. They're never furries themselves but I'll find some eventually.

P.S. The options suck nards.


You could have had an I6
Extremely secretive, I don't even know that I am on


I just recently 'joined' the furry fandom and I have yet to let anyone know, not that I really feel the need to tell anyone. I'm pretty much here for the lolz. and the hot anthro art


Resistance is futile! If 0 ohm
inb4 "furry closet", but everyone knows I'm a furry and nobody cares.


I wear a tail almost everywhere. People ask about it and since no one really understands what "furry" is I just say it's a "fashion statement"


Psychological Egoist.
I wear a tail almost everywhere. People ask about it and since no one really understands what "furry" is I just say it's a "fashion statement"

For the last time-

No, that tail does not make you look fat.

Those ears, on the other hand-

south syde dobe

4th Elite General
I don't talk about it aloud to people but I do have this as a background, so far I've gotten plenty of positive comments on it except for my brother's friend but I already knew he wasn't going to like it but I really don't give a rat's ass :\



Admurrable Admurral
I tell people who ask, and some people are like what are you? I say furry and they are like "huh?"
So yeah, I don't need secrets ^_^


Is on fire
I've only been a furry for about a month, so nobody really knows. I also put up a pretty good front as a furry hater around my furry hating friends. Yes, I realize I am a self loathing fur, but I'm okay with it. But if they were to out right ask if I was a furry, I'd tell em the truth. Simply because I'd get entertainment from their reactions.

Bandit Braith

Duke of Thieves
if people ask I'll tell them or if it comes up in convorsation I'll tell them.

but I'm not stupid enough to go flaming around "HEY GUYS IM A SILLY FURRY....who wants to suck meh cawk?"


is the prettiest pony~
The only people around here that know about furries know about them because I told them how horrible they are. They all think I'm a fur hater. Which I mostly am, really, so it's not too much of a lie.


Family and friends. Why the hell not?
It's a hobby like collecting crap.

Really, I have my fursuit head on my nightstand table. Not like I can resist explaining whenever someone comes over.

Steel the Wolf

Furry Organizer
Furries are like Muslims. Alot of us are nice people, but there are the extremists. These extremists grab all the media attention, and once there story sets in they make the rest of us look bad, so we remain quite. Ergo CSI Episode "Fur and Loathing"
I couldn't bear to watch more than ten minutes of that crap.
Either way, we need to speak up. But when we do we get called furfags by a bunch of idiotic people who have nothing better than to troll us.
Ergo: god hates furries and the AFC.
Why must humans be so misunderstanding?

This is a damn good analagy.

I don't really tell people about it, but I do try to gage thier reactions by bringing it up as someone outside of the fandom. Example: "Have you heard about these furry people". Then I see how they react. I've also shown my parents furry art and my own writing with anthros and they think it's interesting. They don't know what a furry is, but i bet if I told them, they would find it just fine.


Fighter of the Nightman
Why would you want people to know. I don't go around telling people I troll on the internet.

south syde dobe

4th Elite General

Catilda Lily

May all your bacon burn.
I have only told one person because she asked. I think my ex might know, or have an idea I am, he saw my background and my Fa page when I was useing the internt.